Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review of no technology day

Hubby said it was relaxing. I said it was refreshing! I'm going to attribute the next day at work feeling like a Monday to no technology day. But it was refreshing because it was a Wednesday!

Here is how the day went:
AM- I couldn't watch tv while eating breakfast so I thought I would get ready faster and be on time to work. But I couldn't just sit there and eat. Hubby wakes up before me and has meetings with Blue while I lay in bed. It is hilarious! They just look at each other and eat and talk. I don't find Blue to be that conversationally inclined so I read my book. Result= still not early for work. So TV is fully allowed in the AM still.
PM- I get home first. Poor Hubby leaves before me and gets home after me! I had every intention of cleaning up but I wanted a snack I think. So I read my book and ate. Hubby got home and we chatted for a little while. It was nice and we had a really good talk. Then we got ready for the gym.

Gym- I was worried the gym without an ipod would be horrendous. But I came up with brilliant idea to race Hubby. It pushed me to work out way harder than I normally do. Fyi I totally beat him! He said I pushed him to go faster too but I don't know if I believe him. Result= for days I want a good workout I might leave the pod at home and race the Hubby. Some days I will bring the pod.

Making dinner- I helped Hubby make dinner which he appreciates and helps things get done faster. While he was just monitoring things I cleaned pretty much the whole apartment. I love me a clean apartment. While cooking and cleaning I remembered things to talk to him about that I probably normally wouldn't. Result= I'm thinking of doing no tv while making dinner every other day or so.

Oh! While I was cleaning the bathroom Hubby's groomsman T called. T is coming to visit soon and is interviewing with our company so Hubby took the call. I was jokingly yelling in the background. T thinks I'm crazy but he calls Blue Festus so maybe calling the kettle black? Hubby also called his parents regarding our taxes. I read my book. I told him to tell his mom my library story and we all had a good laugh. I will have to tell you guys tomorrow. So Hubby totally broke the rules and should have to suffer the consequences of two days no technology. But I'm not going to punish him because his real weakness is the computer and he didn't even glance lovingly at it.

Rest of the evening- Dinner was wonderful. He helped me clean up and get lunches ready for the next day. Then we played cards. He kicked my butt at gin 3 times and then we played a quick game of war with 20 cards and it was over in about a minute. There was a double war and I lost. No fun!

I loved our no technology day and I may have no technology hours or something every once in awhile. It was great to catch up on all our shows and emails the next day though!

I was glad for the positive responses I received on here and there was one IRL. I posted on facebook like I said in my post and my Future Sister-in-law called all concernicous. My other friend put why? I texted her the day after no technology day about Idol. She asked how our day went and I told her it was relaxing and refreshing. She asked what we did and I told her. While we were texting back and forth I told Hubby that she and her husband are the ones who should really have a no technology day. She surprised me by texting back, "Cool we should try that sometime seems nice." Like I said they are big techno geeks especially her husband is totes into computer games. I said, "You should. It was really nice. Would J do it?" I haven't heard back from her.


  1. I think it would be rough.... ;) for me at least.

  2. I'd really like to try something like this, at least for myself. Idk if my husband could survive. ;]

  3. We're addicted to technology here, so I don't know if I could do it. It would be nice to just talk or read, though!

  4. I'm glad your tech free day went well!! :)

  5. Glad it went well and nobody got hurt in the process! :)

  6. I think that sounds like a great day! And Neal and I work out together every night after work and I think that would REALLY motivate me to work out extra hard. Although...he's Army and I hate to lose, so maybe that would end badly. We do sometimes eat with the TV off and we do end up talking about things that we would normally just skip over if we were catching up on shows. When the kids start coming, we're definitely going to do this on a regular basis because I think kids are WAY too plugged in these days. I think being able to read or do something non-technology related is very important. So glad this went well. It IS refreshing to just turn EVERYTHING off every so often!

  7. I'm on the computer all day at work and by the time I get home I don't even want to look at a computer. Same for the weekend. I do watch TV though...

  8. PS- I have something for you on my blog! ;-)

  9. Oh, I bet it was great! I'm a new follower!! :-) Love your blog!