Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To my 2 year old

Oh baby boy,
   Your mama is having a tough time with you turning 2. Hopefully this whole birthday thing will get easier. I think turning 2 is kind of huge because you aren't a baby any more. Here are some of the notes I wrote down when I started thinking about writing this post on March 11th:

Shoes 9.5
Pants 2t but almost 3t. Shorts are 4t I think
Tops 3t
Diapers 5 (now in size 6)
Pjs 4t
The beginning of your 2nd year

Had 3 haircuts (you are getting your 4th one on your birthday)

All teeth but 2 year molars

You are such a lucky boy that you get to go to the park almost every day. At the park you love climbing, going down slides, swings, digging, playing with balls. You love playing with boys and girls of any age. I just taught you to say hi to people instead of "ello!" and you love it.

At home you love to play with blocks, puzzles, color, play doh, balls. Hitting them off tee with bat. Mowing or riding trike in front or back. Dance parties. Reading. Your favorite book is little blue truck. Driving your cozy coupe or fire truck. Playing with cars. Kicking balls. You are a pro at going up and down the stairs. We have had to baby proof even more now that you are opening sliders and you have figured out how to take off the door baby proof things.

You are such a helper, you vacuum, helps with dishes and laundry. Watering.

Favorite foods: veggie-zucchini fruit-banana (nana) pasta, Mac and cheese, cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, ham, spanish rice. You still have great behavior at restaurants. You know good food.

You are still my little fishy. We went to the indoor pool a few times this winter and you and dada have already jumped in the pool in our backyard.

Loves choo choos.

Favorite animals: dog dogs, meow meow, monkeys.

Loves making animal noises. Does meow, oooh oooh aahh aahh, does hand by nose for elephant. Makes funny clomping/chomping noise for animals you don't know.

You are so polite saying please and thank you unprompted often.

You are such a lover. Always hugging and giving kisses and say "wuv you".

You are still our tall boy. We have an appointment on the 2nd but I'm sure you'll still be in the 90th percentile for height.

You started out pretty coordinated but lately you have become pretty accident prone. You have had a skinned knee for a few weeks. That same leg got all skinned up at your aunt and uncle's and the next day you got a big fat lip. I'm hoping the random scratch on your forehead is better for your party this weekend.

This year you have got to spend two days a week with Papa (Baba) while mama goes to work. The two of you have a great time together and are two peas in a pod. Papa calls himself your bff.

You have gotten better at sleeping but it is still one of your struggles. Dada and Papa put you down for naps now too. But bedtime is still our special time.

When you wake up in the morning you call for mama, dada, or papa. I don't know how you decide each day. If mama or dada come to get you your routine is to grab your bear and just recently your boung boung (bunny), your baby (blankie), your wawa (water), and your seahorse and bring them all into mama and dada's bed. As soon as you are in our bed you want to play with mama's hone (phone).

You are quite the little apple products addict. You love mama's iphone and papa's ipad.

You are obsessed with the gangnam style song. Your favorite tv shows are "melmo" sesame street, "bubble" bubble guppies, and george.

I adore when you say you want to go "out hide" or you want something and point to yourself and say me!

You are still our comedian always being silly or goofy. You have the silliest cheese face and you say cheese any time mama points her phone or camera at you. I guess you have gotten used to posing for a picture since I take about 50 a day.

When I was reading over your 1 year post I mentioned how we are always getting compliments on your eyes and your smile and I thought to myself that people haven't been saying these things as often lately. Then we were at Hobby Lobby today and a lady just walking by says, "Oh, isn't he just the cutest little boy!" You still got it babe ;)

Mama and Dada love you more than you will ever know. We are so proud of the little man you are turning out to be. We know you are going to do amazing things and we are thrilled to help and encourage you along the way. These past 2 years have been the best years of our lives and we know every day we get to spend with you will be one of the best days of our lives. Happy Birthday to our little monkey!


  1. Happy birthday to your little man!

  2. Such a cutie- A big one! haha. Happy Birthday Chase!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! :) He looks just like you.

  4. He truly is a beauty! I can't believe he's two. Time is going too quickly!!