Saturday, May 11, 2013

I guess I can start wearing other clothes now last week of 30x30

We are calling this day 21-30

I didn't technically wear day 22. It was an option for Chase's party that I didn't choose. I was sick day 25 and didn't feel like smiling sorry.

Dun dun dun dah! Here is my 30x30 collage!

What I need from you all is tell me if there are any outfits I should never wear again. Like the chambray and pink skirt with the belt. Is it too country? What about the booties with the jean skirt?

I had so much fun doing this challenge. The closest I got to repeating was the jeggins and polka dot tank. I wore them together twice but with different shoes and once I wore a cardigan. I could keep going too. I love that it forced me out of my comfort zone/black rut. I like the navy with the pink skirt or gray with brown and I never would have done that before this challenge. Again, tell me if it looks terrible so I don't continue to wear it.

I can't believe I only wore my brown boots once. I'll have to try them with a skirt and ask you all what you think. It was a very hot April/May!

My favorite outfits were with my plain gray and navy ts. I like my navy stripe t too. Thank you target for these three fave ts.

 I want to do a 30x30 challenge again. Maybe if I'm not pregnant by fall. Gosh I really hope I'm pregnant by fall.

I kind of want to share this collage on my personal facebook page but I'm kind of embarassed. Should I?

Also wanted to show what I usually crop out of my pictures. A little photo bomb from the hubs and munchkin :)


  1. My fave is the red shirt, denim and leopard flats!!

  2. I love all your outfits! Haha the photo bombing is too funny!

  3. Good job! I love so many of these outfits!!! And the photo bomb is great haha :)

  4. Way to go! You could totally do a pregnancy version!

  5. I so love this challenge. And yes, I hope you are preggers, too! You will look so adorable:)

  6. I think my faves are #2 and #9! This would be hard to do -impressive that you kept up with it until the end and want to do it again :)

  7. HA, love the last pic. SO, what was this challenge? what did you have to do?