Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sister-in-love's baby girl shower

I had such a great time co hosting my sister-in-love's baby girl shower. I can't wait until she gets here! The theme was ribbons, bows, and pretty pink toes. The color theme was orange, pink, and gray.

Out front of the party. The dry erase board I got at hobby lobby.

A cute picture of my sil's belly by the party favor nail polish.
Each nail polish had a tag that said ribbons and bows and pretty pink toes.
Welcome sign my co-host my sil's sister made with her cricut.
Some of the clothes I bought my niece. She's pretty spoiled.
Each center piece was pink carnations in a jar with a headband my co-host made around it.
For lunch we had sandwiches and salad.
Dessert was made by a friend of my sil's. She's so talented!

I forgot to get a picture of the drink table. Our cousin made a yummy orange drink with champagne. We had cute pink striped straws from hobby lobby and some water and pink lemonade. It was a great party and all our hard work looked great!


  1. What a wonderful baby shower! :) I offered to throw my SIL a baby shower because she has no siblings but she said no. Bummer!

  2. I'm going to be throwing at least one or twobaby showers this year and I've never done one!

  3. What an adorable shower, love the colors and all the decorations.