Sunday, February 24, 2013


   I posted a picture last night of Chase licking the beater from Hubby's cookie dough. This was the first time he has ever gotten to lick the beater. He is almost 22 months old. I pretty much licked all the dough off before I gave it to him. Yes, my son is deprived. But it gets worse.

   He's never had peanut butter. Our doctor suggested we avoid it until age two even though there are no allergies in our family. We made it to 18 months and asked her again if we could give it to him. At 18 months she said yes but Hubby thought we've made it this long let's just wait until he's 2. Deprived! I eat peanut butter every day!
   He is only allowed to drink milk or water. He doesn't need these things so why give them to him?
   We were playing out front this morning and my mom was telling him how they used to tell me I needed to get my disneyland legs. I thought to myself, poor kid has only seen a few disney movies. Disneyland definitely wouldn't be as exciting as it would be for some other disney movie lovers. I think the only disney movies he has seen are cars 1 and 2 once. He's seen the toy story trilogy once.
   As far as food and drinks go, right now we are helping him make healthy choices because he doesn't know any better. We don't plan to be weird about food or drinks. But we will continue to mostly offer healthy choices in our home.
   I definitely look forward to movie nights and disneyland but right now we do dinner and bath and bed. He doesn't sit still for 2 hours.


  1. I think I would be the same way.
    No need to introduce all the 'not so healthy' stuff yet, there's plenty of time for that.

  2. He is not deprived. He will thank you.
    You are teaching him what healthy foods are. Way to go Mama!!