Thursday, February 7, 2013

Click Chicks week 1- Self Portrait!

So excited for our first week of the Click Chicks link up!

This week is self portrait. I really struggled with this. It was hard to find a place to put my camera that the toddler wouldn't get to and where there was good lighting. I ended up using the window sil by our couch.
I have to tell you this wasn't my favorite picture I took but it was Hubby's favorite.
Next week's challenge is HEARTS! I plan to take pictures of the toddler with hearts for Valentine's day! I doubt there will be any more pictures of me in this challenge!


  1. I've learned to always trust my husbands insticts! His constant "trust me," is starting to sink in. Your husband is clearly right, you're beautiful!

  2. great pic! THANK you for getting this linkup together!! I love it.

  3. Heyyyy sexyyyy ladyyyyyy!
    Love it.