Thursday, February 21, 2013

Click Chicks link up week 3 Nature

I will admit I totally forgot about this challenge this week until Tuesday night. So Wednesday after work I got out the camera and took some pictures in the backyard. There wasn't a lot to take pictures of. We might need to do this theme again in the spring!

Speaking of which we made up a schedule for you all:

week 4 Feb. 28th- water
week 5 Mar. 7th- shadows
week 6 Mar. 14th- green
week 7 Mar. 21st- sunsets
week 8 Mar. 28th- window
week 9 Apr. 4th- bokeh (blurry background)
week 10 Apr. 11th- Silhouettes
week 11 Apr. 18th- happiness
week 12 Apr. 25th- black and white

Ok, on to the picture!

I'm slightly obsessed with blurry backgrounds or bokeh as Jessica told me it is called. Love that I got it with this shot.
Link your nature pictures up, go check out the awesome posts by my fellow click chicks and come back next week with water pictures!!!


  1. Oh awesome, love that you posted the "schedule". Good job on getting a shot you actually wanted! I just point and shoot and see later. Great pic!

  2. Yay photo schedule! This pic is great! I'm loving the "bokeh" too! Can't wait to learn more !!

  3. i love the bokeh too, i am still learning how to create that in my photos.