Monday, June 18, 2012

Mom suits

Ah the mom suit.

As you all know Chase was born May 1st, 2011. I went in the pool once last summer. With a newborn that couldn't go in direct sunlight and wasn't napping for very long it just wasn't worth it.

This summer, we have a little fish! He LOVES the water! The pool is getting a lot of use. I tried on all of my bathing suits and only felt comfortable in one of them so the search for the mom suit was on.

I went to old navy and the only mom suit options there were one pieces. A one piece doesn't work unless you are propotionate and who is? Plus I'm working on my abs and by the grace of God some how avoided stretch marks with a 8lb 14oz (I just had to look up and make sure that was right, I'm such a bad mom!) baby. Maybe that's the trade off for being a horrible sleeper!

Anyways, I felt like I can still rock a two piece but just wanted some boob and butt coverage. I grabbed like 30 swimsuits at Target and found a suit that was perfect! It has gold threading that you can't really see in this picture.

Have you bought a mom suit? Where did you buy it? I still might need to get another one for taking him to swim lessons.


  1. oh my gosh I saw this on Pinterest and I'm pretty sure I need it in my life! Like NOW!

  2. That suit is adorable! So good butt coverage? Might have to make a Target trip!