Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keeping it old school

I have been blogging since May 2009.
Recently, my friend, Mrs. Monologues, wrote a post about blogging then and now.
She wrote, "...sometimes I miss the old days of blogging...
1. Where blog designs didn't cost as much as a mortgage payment
2. Where community mattered
3. Where blogger cliques were unheard of
4. Where sponsors didn't exist unless you were a super blogger
5. Where to host a giveaway you had to buy the gifts
6. Where twitter was a place to chat not just to promote
7. Where blogging wasn't a competition"

As I read through this list, I thought, me too!

I know I have a gorgeous blog design. Some of you may not know that I won this blog design in a giveaway. I want my readers to know, I'm keeping it old school!

There are blogger cliques? Am I in one?

I'm not going to lie. I've considered trying to get sponsors for my blog. I worked like 3 half days in the last year and a half. But I doubt anyone would want to sponsor my blog and I wouldn't know how to put their stuff on my lovely free blog design.

I've done two giveaways. One was a giveaway of my friend Brittany's designs. She asked if anyone would want to do a giveaway and I told her I would. The other was a company that contacted me about doing a giveaway. I don't do giveaways to gain followers.

Twitter is a place for me to chat. I hope you are following along and chatting with me :) I'll post a link to my blog like once a day because I like when you all post your links. I don't use google reader any more.

I'm not very competitive. I write this blog for me. If someone else reads it, great!

What about you? Are you keeping it old school or trying to be the most famous blogger ever?


  1. I try to keep it old school too. I have done a couple giveaways where a company pays but I have done one where I paid. I'm too cheap to it often, lol.

  2. OK a few things:

    1. I do not think doing giveaways isn't "keeping it old school" you should read my post today. I do giveaways in large part because I appreciate my readers and because a lot of people ask me to do giveaways of their products. I still think that Im an honest blogger who isn't out there trying to be "the most famous blogger ever."

    2. Im pretty sure you won the design off my blog am I right? Jenn asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway.

    3. I touch on a lot of these points in my post today entitled "A rebuttal" you should read it.

    I think if people(myself included) want to take sponsors and make money there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Its nice to have extra income.

    Just saying.

  3. I keep it old school but pretty much because I'm too lazy or busy to do giveaways or promote sponsors.