Saturday, June 23, 2012

300 ab challenge update

Day 1 on left Day 23 (technically 19 because I skipped 4 days) on right.

I'm not seeing the results I had hoped to see so it is time to get real here and refocus.

I have been eating crap.

Technically, I haven't ever done all 300 abdominal exercises. Today I focused on trying to do 25 reps and made note of what I was able to do in hopes that this would be a new motivator. So here is what I did today:

244? Did I add that up right? 249? 249.

The roll up v ups are my nemisis! I don't know if I will ever be able to do 25 of them!

So, I'm going to try to eat better. I'm also not going to focus on the 30 days. I am going to focus on doing 300. I may start with the roll up v ups and see if I can get to 25. I will keep track and not let myself be lazy and just do 30 kayakers when I know I can do 50.

Anyone doing the 300 ab challenge? How are you doing?


  1. I would love to do it! Maybe in the next few weeks I will start. Great job so far and good luck! :)

  2. You are looking awesome! I might have to try it!

  3. I started the challenge 8 days ago. I haven't been focusing on form as much as just completing the task. And the roll up v ups are just too hard so I've been building up to them. I do a roll up then i lean back to a 45 degree angle and lift my legs to make the v. I do not however touch my toes. I hope by day 30 I am able to do all of these exercises properly. Good luck. you can check out my progress on twitter @dishamai

  4. I am so mad. I just wrote you a long comment and it disappeared. UGH.

    FIrst off - you are beautiful. You look great.

    Second - what is this challenge? Are you doing it yourself or is it "real"?

    Third - I have a suggestion for you. Might go against your challenge but just a thought (and from experience.) I worked out with a body builder who was training for one of his competitions. I think we did 300 or 400 ab exercises. BUT we only did 3 or 4 ab we did 100 of each exercise. I'm not sure how long you've been doing this challenge, and again what it's all about, but I would suggestion doing the 3 or 4 exercises and getting the most out of it that way. Again, just a suggestion :) But I did see results. Would love more information about it!!