Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY I heart photo collage

1. Pick and print pictures. I printed 7 pictures at and picked them up an hour later in the store. 7 for I heart daddy. When selecting pictures try to get ones that are farther away or smaller. Remember you have to fit them into the letter I. (As I'm doing the project I realized it would be smarter to print all pictures that are landscape and make the letters 4" since the pictures are 4x6. So do that!)

2. I wanted to get the I and the heart the right size and then do the daddy part. I opened up a blank word document. Changed the layout to landscape. Then I inserted the shape heart and made it almost the size of the page. Then I inserted a word art. The straight outline one of the letter I at the biggest size it would let me in Rockwell extra bold font. I think like 96 and then you can drag it and make it bigger.

3. Print and cut middle out of heart and see if your picture works. Adjust accordingly.

4. I had to change the text wrapping to in front of text for some reason. Then I deleted the heart and inserted the letter D. I wanted to make it the same size as the I.

5. Then I deleted the I and copy and pasted two more Ds.

6. Then I added an A and printed.

7. I deleted the Ds and added a Y to make the same size as the A.

8. Cut the middle of the letters out. Make sure you don't leave black outline.

9. Then I spread the letters out to decide which pictures I would put in them.
10. I taped the pictures to the letters and cut the excess paper off.

11. I measured the letters to see how big of a canvas or frame I would need.

12. I printed my 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby and headed over. It was cheaper to buy a 14x18 frame than a canvas and modge podge.

13. I taped the letters to the back of the picture in the frame and voila!
DIY I heart Daddy photo collage for $11.07! Sorry about the glare!