Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Permission to post?

Some of you may have seen instagram or facebook pictures of texts with my dad. I think his bachelor comments are pretty funny so I posted them for all to see.

Well, I kind of got in trouble. He wasn't all that excited about seeing his texts that he thought he was only sending to me on facebook. It makes total sense.

I often see pictures of texts on instagram. When you post these pictures do you ask the person if you can post them? How would you feel if you were scrolling through and saw a text you sent?

The iphone makes it so easy to take a screen shot of anything and post it. I've even seen people post other people's facebook pictures.

I don't think my instagram friends are doing it to be mean but I just wanted to throw the idea out there that maybe we need to be asking people if we can post things.

We live in a weird time when anyone can snap a picture of anything and post it for the whole world to see.


  1. Personally I wouldn't post pictures of texts from people. More of a courtesy thing.

  2. I don't post pictures of other people's kids, texts, etc. unless I have permission from that person including my husband or any other family members. I personally would appreciate people asking me before they post stuff from me or pictures of my kid as well. You're right that we live in a weird world where everything spreads like wildfire on the internet and everyone sees it.

  3. ya...i dont like it and how easy it is.