Thursday, March 7, 2013

Click Chicks photo challenge shadows

This week's challenge was shadows. I took my camera out early this week and planned to go to the park. Chase wanted to play basketball and then I saw some very cool shadows and started clicking away. I had such a hard time picking just one picture!

Chase set his sippy cup down on the driveway and I thought it was so cool that it made a colored shadow!

Here is a reminder of the schedule. I'm always excited for the next challenge! 

week 6 Mar. 14th- green
week 7 Mar. 21st- sunsets
week 8 Mar. 28th- window
week 9 Apr. 4th- bokeh (blurry background)
week 10 Apr. 11th- Silhouettes
week 11 Apr. 18th- happiness
week 12 Apr. 25th- black and white


  1. the sippy cup shadow has my mind in the gutter....... hahaha sorry.

    good work!

  2. Haha I am with BG. I love the family shot :)

  3. Love the colors from the cup!!

  4. Colored shadow!? Love it!! And the bball net looks awesome too!