Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chase is 4 freaking months old!!!

Holy moly! 4 months! We did a lot this month!

We went on another weekend getaway. This time we went to Capitola. Chase did great sleeping in his pack and play. We have more trips planned this fall. Hopefully we will have a baby that likes to travel as much as we do!
We celebrated Nana's birthday and the one year anniversary of finding out we were going to be parents!

I caught Chase rolling over for the first time on video! It wasn't a fluke either he rolls over all the time now!

He got a jumperoo which has been a lot of fun.

He is now in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes fit him perfectly which makes sense because he is still in the 90th percentile for height and weight. He is 27 inches long and 17 pounds 14.5 ounces!

The doctor seemed to think everything looked and sounded pretty good. We have been working on getting him to put himself to sleep and he can do it if we get him before he is overtired. She said not to stress about his 40 minute naps because he does know how to put himself back to sleep if he's doing 5-6 hour stretches at night and randomly does an hour and half nap here and there which was such a relief to hear! She said we could start giving him rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with water or breastmilk once a day around 5 months old. She said it might help him go longer at night if we gave it to him before bed but that big babies like him take awhile before they sleep 8 hours. She said he should be rolling both ways at 6 months and can sleep however he wants then.

I had heard she recommends physical therapy for babies that have stiff necks going one way and was a little nervous about that with Chase. She just said we could try to get him looking the way that is stiff when he is on his belly and kind of stretching his head that way. She said he is strong and has good head control which sometimes comes later for big babies.

He really started squealing and laughing a lot this month which has been so fun. He smiles at everyone even after getting his shots today during nap time he was smiling at strangers!


  1. I love the title of this post! I made me laugh! :) Chase is getting so big!

    Landon can roll from belly to back, but not back to belly the way Chase can. L is big too (92nd percentile for height and weight), so it's nice to hear that your Dr. said it takes them awhile to sleep 8 hours. The most Landon has done is 7 and that's not the norm. 5-6 hours is more normal for him, sometimes 4 which sucks for me. I like following along with your Chase monthly updates because he's almost exactly a month ahead of Landon and it's cool to see what's coming up for him :)

  2. What a cutie, he is getting so big!

  3. & i thought my Henry was big! 9 month clothes already! Craziness!

  4. Wow it's already been 4 months?! He's getting big!

  5. so cute!! glad you got that on camera. Jumperoos are amazing. A loved hers too. She has no interest in it lately because she would rather be crawling. Im glad he likes to travel! :)
    by the way I am blogging at now. the old blog is private.

  6. Time is certainly flying by! Isn't it fun to document all his milestones? Great way to be able to look back on everything.

  7. I think it sounds like he's got the travel gene!!

  8. He is so precious...he's going to be moving in no time :)

  9. He is so precious...he's going to be moving in no time :)