Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's in a name

Remember when we did the giveaway a little while ago and I asked you to ask questions? Well, my dear friend, Kate, asked where Chase's name came from. I guess I've never really talked about it on here. I'll give you the long version :)

Hubby and I went to a baseball game in 2010. I think we had just found out I was pregnant. We definitely didn't know the sex of the baby. It felt like we would suggest a name to the other person and the other person would always veto it. We couldn't agree on any names! One of the players on the San Diego Padres at the time was named Chase Headley. I suggested the name Chase and Hubby didn't veto it but that was kind of the end of it.

Fast forward a few months and we have moved to nor cal and are looking at houses but still don't know the sex of the baby. I was convinced we were having a girl so my mother in law decided we would name her Izabella. She didn't know how popular the name was. So as a joke when we were looking at houses we would talk about where Izabella's room would be. I remember we went out to pizza and were talking about different names. My mother in law's maiden name is Ames and I suggested that name (this was before Ashley's bachelorette season). We have very close family friends whose last name is Chase and I remember that being suggested but again that was the end of it.

In December, I went to my first ob appointment in nor cal with my mom. Since I was 20 weeks at the time they wanted to do the ultra sound that day. Since hubby was at work mom and I closed our eyes when the tech went exploring to find out the sex of the baby. She printed a picture of the goods and wrote what the sex of the baby was and put it in an envelope. That night when Hubs got home we opened the envelope together in front of my parents and on video and then called his parents. I was so shocked when Hubby said, "It's a boy!"

We had already decided on our girl name so I was a little frustrated that we had to pick a boy name. We can all agree that boys are more difficult to name right? Since my name was the 11th most popular name the year I was born and I usually had another Megan in my class I wanted a more unique name. Hubby's name was #101 so he wanted a more popular name for our son. I ended up printing two copies of the top 100 baby names for 2009. I gave one copy to Hubs and I took the other. We were supposed to circle the names that we liked.

I remember starting off a little slow. There were a few names I liked and a few I didn't like and crossed off. At some point we said pick 10. After Hubby had sat down with the list he said there was a name that he really liked. I was excited he had found a name he really liked and hoped it was one I liked too. After we had circled our top 10 names, we compared our lists to see if we had any names the same. We had TWO names the same. You can see why it was hard for us to decide on a name we both liked!

I asked Hubby what the name was that he realized he liked a lot was and he said it was Chase. Luckily it was one of the two that we both liked. One Dec. 24th, 2010 we had pretty much decided we were going to name our son Chase. We didn't tell anyone at first because we didn't want to hear people's opinions or have people talk about the name behind our backs. We also kept the other name as a backup in case the baby arrived and didn't look like a Chase.

When we were admitted to the hospital we told them the baby's name was Chase and we never really discussed whether or not he looked like a Chase once he was born. We started calling him Chase the second he arrived.


  1. Love hearing baby names stories!
    (actually just guest posted about my kids names on the weekend! haha).
    Chase is a great name!

  2. Loved hearing how you named him!

  3. Love hearing how you guys came about naming him. Big Man and I have our future children's names picked out already. :)

  4. It's funny how you heard it and months later your hubs said he liked it. Things really do work out that way :)

  5. Aww fun story! I want my kids to have unique names too because there were far too many Ambers when I was in school :(

  6. I always love hearing how people chose their names!