Monday, September 19, 2011

Question number two

The lovely Rebekah asked if I have always lived in California and what my favorite part about living here is.

My parents met, fell in love, and got married in California. They moved to South Dakota after the wedding for my Dad's job. He worked in the tv industry. After South Dakota they moved to Kansas where my Dad was a news anchor and they had me! (sidenote: My Mom never even thought of having my Dad stay in the hospital with her and I when I was born. He went to work the next day and announced my birth on the air) A few months later they packed up their two cats and me and headed back to California to be closer to family.

They ended up buying property and building a house in the same town as my mom's sister. Since I'm an only child growing up close to my cousins that are close in age to me was a lot like having sisters. When I was in 2nd grade we moved to a bigger house about a mile away from our first house. The new house was in a different school district so I changed school districts in 3rd grade.

In high school I wanted to have the four year college experience and I was desperate to move out! I went to college 90 minutes from my parents' house. It was just far enough away that I felt like I had left home. I went from a girl that was desperate to move out to a girl that talked to her parents on a daily basis. I think they were glad their only child fell in love with a local boy. All parents worry their child will fall in love with someone that lives far away right?

Well that local boy took a job after college 8 hours away from my parents' house in San Diego. We thought it would be a few year adventure and liked that he had a predictable schedule and wasn't traveling a lot. The economy tanked right after he got that job. He was lucky enough to hang on to the job, but it left us stuck in San Diego for four years. We had friends and family there but I missed my parents and cousins. I remember one year we didn't go home for thanksgiving I called them crying hysterically.

Obviously, we loved living close to the beach in San Diego. There are so many great restaurants and tons of things to do. The weather is wonderful. We experienced two pretty big earthquakes and were evacuated for a fire while living there.

When we started talking about starting a family, our plan was to ask for a job transfer after the baby was a year old. God had a different plan. Hubby got a job transfer to a location really close to where I grew up when I was 4 months pregnant.

We always planned to move back to be close to our families. We never knew we would be as close as we are. So we bought our house in a town that was first, close to work and Hubby wouldn't have to get stuck in traffic on the freeway, and also in a nice area with good schools and parks.

Since moving back it seems like we are always on the go and I love every second of it! We try to let Chase see his grandparents as often as we can. We love that we are close to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Napa, Tahoe, Reno, etc. In San Diego you were close to LA and could drive to Vegas. We like that we don't really have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, and natural disasters like that.

Hope that answers your question!!! If you are a new follower and have any questions, introduce yourself and ask away!


  1. I loved reading this! I really do love living out here (Dylan, not so much) so I love hearing about what people think who have lived here a long time!

  2. We do get floods, wild fires, and earth quakes out here in Northern California. So we do still have natural disasters. We also got strange smaller tornadoes this year in my area that did a lot of damage to propriety.

    I do love California though. But I hate the heat in the summer. I can not wait for it to be cool again.