Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Question #1

When I hosted the giveaway recently I asked people that entered to ask a question. I figured it would give me stuff to blog about. The lovely Tara asked how I met hubby. I actually blogged about how our relationship started a few years ago so I should probably tell you all again.

The story begins my freshman year of college. I was a liberal studies major. As a freshman you have to take some general ed classes, but there are some teacher versions of some general ed classes as well. I chose to take the teacher versions whenever I could. The first day of my teacher biology class I sat down by some girls that looked nice. We started talking about what year we were and where we lived. I found out one of the girls lived in the same "village" as me. I said, "We should be friends!" (yes I am a dork, but that is why this girl, you, and everyone else love me) Honestly, that isn't something I would normally say. Definitely glad I did!

The girl I met in bio, lets call her R, and I did become friends. We had several classes together and lived really close to each other. She took another teacher psych class with a girl named B and they too became friends. When we were all deciding where to live my friends and R's friends coincidentally decided to live in the same apartment complex.

R and I became close friends. We talked about everything. Her roommates, their friend's their boyfriends, things they were up to in their classes, etc. Our sophomore year, R had a birthday party.

I have a terrible memory. We went out a lot in college. Lots of people had birthday parties. We took lots of pictures. Maybe I remember a lot of the details of R's party because we took pictures that night, I don't know. But I remember what I was wearing, how I did my hair, etc. I remember walking into my friend's kitchen and being introduced to B's boyfriend, Hubby! I also remember thinking, "Wow! He's hot!". You guys know, you have seen his pictures ;). But I was no longer in the business of home wrecking, so I think I took some jello shots and continued on my merry way.

Hubby remembers this night too. That is why we say it was love at first sight. He remembers meeting me and thinking I was pretty. He doesn't remember meeting any of my roommates (that is pretty strange because they were pretty hot!). Weird huh?!

I think I have some new followers. Don't be shy! Introduce yourself! If anyone has any more questions about me, the fam, or hubby and I, ask away!


  1. That's good he didn't remember the other girls...means he only had eyes for you :)

  2. woo! loved getting to learn a little more about you!