Monday, June 27, 2011

What would you do...

...if one of your good friends was having a birthday party for her daughter on a day that it was going to be 99 degrees out? I facebooked her and called her asking if there would be plenty of shade since Chase can't be out in the sun and she hasn't responded. She commented on a picture afterwards so I know she has been on facebook. We really want to go to the party. It is 25 mins away. Even if we had Chase in his stroller I would be worried about him being too hot!

...if you received an elopement announcement? I knew they were going to elope. I gave them the idea to get married on June 1st and they said they were going to since they both had the day off. I feel like they sent the announcements out so people would send them gifts. They aren't having a party of any kind for at least a year. Would you send a gift?


  1. No gift, maybe they truly are just announcing their marriage.

    I would not bring a child to party outside in that heat. Not an infant or an older child. Much to hot! Add in sugary drinks & treats that are typically at birthday parties & you've got yourself into a heat exhaustion hole. Sorry your friend didn't respond. Maybe she knows better & is trying to ignore it?

  2. Hell I wouldn't be comfortable out in the heat like that!! Which is why I have been hibernating inside.

    As for the elopement.. I would say no party no gift. <-- sounds pretty mean huh!

  3. I wouldn't go to the party, unless I knew for sure it would be cool enough for the baby. I also wouldn't send a gift for an elopement, I actually think its kinda tacky for someone to send announcements for that!

  4. 99 degrees would actually be a cool day for a party around here! :-) But yes, with an infant, you'd have to be sure there was a cool area available before going.

    As for the elopement, they are most likely just announcing their marriage. I could go either way on the gift - if I sent one now, I wouldn't feel obligated to get anything for them when they do have a party next year. Or, if I decided to wait on the gift, I wouldn't feel bad about that either. It would probably just come down to if I knew there was something they needed now vs. later and if I had money to spend on it now.

  5. I would send a gift card and a nice card, but nothing extravagant. Chances are they will have a party down the road.

    As far as the party...I wouldn't take Chase out in the heat. I don't blame you one bit for skipping it. Even if there's plenty of shade, he still might be really uncomfortable. That's no fun for him or you. I'd sit this one out.

  6. ohhh, I like this "What would you do?" segment. I feel like I AM ALWAYS asking people this. Last week something happened, and I called like 3 friends to get advice.
    The party- I went to a baday party for a friend a couple weeks ago and it was hot- like 90 ish and they had a kitty pool that kids were cooling off in- I put A's toes in and then we mostly hung out inside in the cool house. So, ask the friend if there will be a spot like that for chase.
    I would send a gift for the eloped people, BUT, I wouldnt like it since they didnt have a party or anything. haha

  7. Where is the party at? A park? That's tricky. You could stop by briefly, but for a 25 minute drive that's tricky.

    If the friends registered and we're going to have a reception/party then I'd say a gift would be good. Until that happens, my mental etiquette book says not needed!

  8. Tough call! If you want to go to thebirthday party I say go and if you feel it's too hot out for Chase leave, no harm in that! I hate when people don't respond when you address them with a simple question.

    As for the elopement I would not send a gift if they intend on having a party in the future.

  9. I would probably do neither :) You could always go to make an appearance at the party and if it's too hot, then leave.

    And the gift would probably depend on how close you are to the couple. If they are close friends or family, then I would get a gift or have them over with a few other couples for a celebratory dinner. But if you're really not close? I'd skip it.

  10. I wouldn't go if there is no shade and I wouldn't send them a gift either...but that's just me :)

  11. I would go to the party to show you are there to support them even on a hot day. You don't have to stay long...

    As for the gift? I agree that it depends on how close you are to them.

  12. I would go to the party (if you really wanted to) and leave when you feel like it's getting to be too much for baby Chase.

    As for the elopement, I'd only get them a gift if you are really close to the couple.