Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Ok, I decided while the baby is busy (I won't type the s word, he wakes up when I do, I swear!) I would finally get this post up with what a day in the life of a mom with a 6 week old is like!

Thursday 2pm fed
3:45pm nap in playpen (this was exciting because he started hating the pack and play. Baby wise suggested he play in it and take a nap in it once a day and I thought it was a good idea to get him used to it so he isn't always sleeping in bed with us when we go places).
5 eat
Changed diaper
5:45 dad home, chase hanging out with dad, mom making dinner and hubs lunch for tomorrow
5:55 chase peed himself dad changed him
7pm feed (this day I was trying the Baby wise schedule)
8:20pm nap
9pm feed
12:50am (Friday) started grunting. Reswaddled back to sleep
1:40am feed
2:15 crib
3:52am he woke up crying so I fed him
4:20 crib
He woke up crying again around 5 am and I knew he couldn't be hungry so I just brought him in bed with us. He slept great and I had to wake him up at
7am to feed him
Sat in bouncer while I ate breakfast, washed face, brushed teeth and hair
Changed diaper
He got tired but he would not fall asleep in his crib so
9am nap on mom
10:30 feed and change diaper
11:25 played in playpen while I did dishes
12:12pm crib, crying, paci doesn't work, walked around with him, back in crib at 12:24
1:05 woke up crying
1:12 back in crib paci at 1:15
1:24 crying again!
1:30 back in crib
Vacuumed bedroom
1:37 crying again I got him out and cuddled him for a little while.
1:54 feed. We had dinner plans so I wanted to feed him around 2pm so I could feed him again around 4:30pm before our friend came over.
2:30 change diaper, get ready while he plays on playmat, videotape him doing tummy time (trying to catch roll over)
3:11 crib mom gets to write this blog!


  1. busy lady!! I am reading and writing this in bed while A eats. Do the days seem to fly by or drag?

  2. Friend, in a few more months you won't even RECOGNIZE your life it will be so dramatically different. In a GOOD way! Keep it up - you'll miss parts of this :)

  3. Sounds like a busy time! Don't worry, he'll soon get the idea that he needs to sleep in his crib! Just keep trying, trying, trying and never give up...your hard work will pay off, I promise!