Friday, June 24, 2011

Boob Tube BABBLE!!!

Boob Tube Babble

The voice-

-duh Javier was saved by America
-Casey got lucky! Adam said he was going to save that other guy, sucks for him!
-I don't like Frenchie. I fast forwarded through her.
-I love that Adam didn't know the Adam Lambert song!
-Cee Lo why do you need two watches?
-Christina's hair? Scary!
-Casey singing "I will always love you"? Big mistake!
-Fast forwarded Beverly
-Javier is probably going to win. I wouldn't buy his cd though :/
-I want Blake's cd

16 and pregnant-
-Am I naive wondering how all these kids get pregnant without cars?
-"so you're 39 weeks. Are you tired of being pregnant? This is the point where you get to deliver. We'll deliver you this week." um, where was this dr when I was 5 days late?! No, I'm glad I wasn't induced.

The Challenge-
-I can't believe the rookies won the challenge and Evelyn lost!
-I still don't think its fair that Katelyn is considered a girl. She used to be a man! I guess she was a wimpy man cause Evelyn and Laurel are more manly than her.
-Robin has a kid? Since when? Let me google. "A source close to Robin indicates that the child was conceived sometime before the most recent Real World/Road Rules challenge filmed in New Zealand , The Duel 2 and that she is expect to give birth in June. I'm told it's a boy. No word on the identity of the father, although it is not another cast member." She was on duel 2 and I guess she was pregnant :/! I looked it up on wikipedia to see what happened. She won episode 1 and was out episode 2. It filmed October 2008. She didn't attend the reunion show probably because she was 8 months pregnant.
-Of course Adam from Vegas gets in a fight the first night. Scary that Mandi couldn't see when she got knocked down! So excited about Adam's replacement! Mike!

Original Teen Mom July 5th!

Flipping out is back on July 6th! Don't miss it!

I'm also going to talk about what movies I want to see. A movie screen is a boob tube too! So excited to see Footloose. Loved the preview during SYTYCD! I also want to see Horrible Bosses. Ryan Gosling looks so hot in Crazy, Stupid, Love! Yum!

What shows did you watch this week? What movies do you want to see? Link up with Neely and me!


  1. OMG Robin being preggo had me laughing I had the same reaction...Im like wait since when do you have a kid?

  2. Your 16 and Pregnant comments are amusing :)

    I don't watch, but like to hear what people have to say about that show. Sounds cray cray!

  3. I love the voice, but christina is soooo annoying!

  4. That new Footloose confuses me. I don't like that they added bumping and grinding to the dancing. I know, I know, they had to update it to not be so 80s but they didn't need to re-do it either. lol.

    Jennifer @

  5. I love The Voice! And I am majorly crushing on Blake Shelton these days!

  6. I have many of the same questions about Teen Mom. I though I missed something at the appointment...I couldn't figure out why she was suddenly getting enduced.

    I think I need to start watching the challenge, sounds interesting (and really, it's summer so there is nothing else on)!

  7. I loved The Challenge!!!

    And they actually discussed Robin's pregnancy on the reunion show, very briefly.

  8. I can't wait for Flipping Out to be back! I heard he's not flipping houses anymore though!

  9. I saw an episode of 16 and pregnant this weekend- not sure if it was the current episode, but I DID SEE the dr. schedule her for an induction BEFORE Her due date. I was yelling at the tv of course. Andrew was like- "teens dont care" haha.
    I get all emotional watching that show and Andrew hates it- his birth mom was a teen when she was pregnant with twins...and sometimes I wish he would see how hard it is, esp. the ones who choose adoption!!