Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms- Stuff!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

This week I'm talking about baby stuff that we actually use all the time!

-We love the carter's receiving blankets from babies r us. They are nice and big, perfect for swaddling. We have 8 and bought some from target that we thought would be good but are smaller and only use when we are out of the other ones.
-Every night I like to make sure he has two sleeping gowns and two blankets at least in case he has a pee leak.
-We love the sleeping gowns. Don't like to fuss with buttons at 2 am. They only come in zero-3 months so don't waste your time looking for them in newborn.
-We use carter's wash cloths. We use two a night to wash his face or give him a bath.
-We use cottonballs to wipe his eyes every day.
-Someone gave us johnsons foaming head to toe baby wash that works great for sponge baths.
-He has three hooded towels that we use when he gets a bath.
-this is the link to our mattress http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11344287&fromRegistryNumber=46243564&product_skn=707173
-Lately he has been spitting up more so cloth diapers or wash cloths are all over the house.
-He is just starting to get too big for his newborn stuff at 4 weeks. We usually put him in a onesie, pants, and socks when he gets dressed for the day. It's been pretty cool here lately. He's worn shorts on a warm day. He goes through 2-3 outfits a day due to pee and poop leaks.
-They say to always put a hat on your baby when you go out. He has 3-4 we use depending on his outfit.
-We use 10-12 diapers a day and 2-3 wipes every time we change him.
-We use the target brand up and up diapers.
-He recently got a diaper rash and desitin really helps. It was nice to have on hand.
-Bottles and formula were handy for his dehydration emergency since my milk took awhile to come in. You can sanitize the bottles in boiling water ahead of time.
-get a toy dog named scout that you can plug into the computer and teach it the baby's name. They are like $20 at target and all babies love them.
-we have the safety 1st diaper pail. you can put real trash bags in it. I bought febreeze scented ones and it never stinks. its a little small you have to take it out like twice a week.
-we use a vibrating bouncer right next to the dinner table.
-he'll go in his swing when I'm cooking dinner if he is asleep and it isn't moving.
-i use the bjorn if he wants to be carried and he's getting too heavy.
-we didn't freeze any meals ahead of time. we just bought chicken nuggets, chicken bakes, and hot pockets at costco and we still have some in the freezer. we only had dinner made or brought to us about once a week.
-find a few friends or a parent that works/lives near the hospital to bring your hubby and you food while you are there.
-we have an old school wood rocker with a pad I got from sears.com. We don't use it that often. he prefers to be walked up and down the stairs.
-of course my brest friend is an essential and don't forget to take it to the hospital with you.
-monitor philips avent DECT baby monitor SCD510/00

What stuff do you use? Got any other great mom advice? Link up!


  1. ohhh, cotton balls for eyes!! good one. We had to wipe A's eyes constantly when she had a blocked tear duct that seems to JUSt be clearing up now, but a lot of things seemed to rough for her eye and cotton balls with warm water would have been perfect. We use the old school cloth diapers as burp clothes- she gets sick EVERY time she eats almost and my mom brought over a box of OUR old cloth diapers- haha yes 28-30 years old, but they work for rags. And walking him up and down the stairs must give you lots of exercise :)

  2. ps. I just put my link in the wrong post on accident! ha. I dont know how to get it off the tv one now

  3. We used cloth diapers for burp rags, too! They're MADE to be absorbent, and I knew my husband wouldn't confuse them with the receiving blankets. Plus they're SO CHEAP! And now that she doesn't spit up anymore (yes! I promise that day is coming!) they're great dust rags.

  4. I'm not a mom so I don't have advice for you! But, you look adorable! I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday doll! I have some great news on my blog about my writing! I hope you can check it out. Enjoy your day! Kori xoxo


  5. My mom has always used old school cloth diapers for dusting rags lol. They work so well to clean up dust.