Wednesday, June 8, 2011

50/50 list update

1. Organize desk
2. Organize guest room
3. Wedding scrapbook for mil
4. Wedding scrapbook for me
5. Baby book
6. Get a good paying job
7. Make cookies
8. Get chase on feeding/sleeping schedule- don't know if this will ever happen, but I've been working on it
9. Decorate nursery
10. Decorate living room
11. Decorate bedroom
12. Family vacation summer 2011- also working on this one. we have a place to stay just all need to pick a date!
13. San Diego trip spring 2012
14. Cut Chase's fingernails
15. Cut blue's nails
16. Go to Europe
17. Go to NYC
18. Get abs again
19. Go on an overnight date with hubby
20. Take chase to meet his great grandpas- he has met one now!
21. Take chase to chico-done!
22. Take chase to my parents house
23. Start college fund for chase- we've started looking into 529 plans. we are waiting for Suze Orman to tweet us back about which state we should get a 529 in
24. Take chase to Disneyland
25. Help dad edit wedding video
26. Go to Yosemite
27. Go to MLB spring training
28. Go to high school reunion
29. Go to Texas and visit aunt and Neely, amber, Tara, and ashley
30. Go to a rivercats game
31. Go to Tahoe
32. Go to Disney world
33. Go camping
34. Go to Christmas eve service at bayside church
35. Stay at four seasons biltmore again
36. See movie bridesmaids
37. See movie bad teacher
38. Watch princess bride with mil
39. Go on Mother's day garden tour
40. Volunteer in Chase's classroom
41. Buy a new pair of jeans
42. Finish 40 day love dare
43. Finish What I love about you
44. Get a children's bible
45. Get a Froggie book
46. Take parents and in laws wine tasting
47. Go with dad to Hawaii again
48. Make mouth guard
49. Put pictures in coasters
50. Buy new coasters
51. Watch something borrowed
52. Go to Seattle
53. See the musical Wicked
54. See movie water for elephants
55. Read book water for elephants
56. Go to Oregon


  1. You definitely need to see Something Borrowed if you haven't already!!

  2. I like the MLB Spring Training idea! Come down to Florida's Gulf Coast (Tampa/Sarasota). We have the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, it's a blast!

  3. Great list! :) ...I like how you even have to cut Chase's cute.

  4. We're working on getting on a schedule too! It's harder than I thought it would be.