Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pick a picture for my header

Some of you might remember I won Neely's giveaway for a deluxe blog design from Jenn. You might be wondering when the blog is going to get all snazzy. Well, I have been procrastinating on getting a picture of Hubby, Chase, and I to Jenn. I keep forgetting to have someone take a pic of us. Below are the two pictures I already chose for the header.

Which of these with Chase in them should I pick?

Hubby and Chase-

Chase and me-
This pic we took of ourselves-
Or wait until I get a good pic of the three of us?

Thanks bloggy friends for all your help!!!


  1. You should have someone take a picture of the three of you outside somewhere with a nice background! That would look better :-)

  2. I agree with Shelley! Do that. I do love the two pics of you and the hubs though.

    Blogger is still not letting me comment under my blog name: this is Jennifer @

  3. Are you planning to do professional shots? If so, i might wait. If not those are all still great choices!

  4. Wait and get a nice picture of the 3 of you :) The one of the 3 of you above is dark. haha, NOT that I EVER post quality photos, but since you asked :)

  5. I'd wait and try to get a nice picture of you both kissing Chase. There's kinda a kissy theme going and I think that would look cute.

  6. I like the one of both of you with him.