Friday, April 8, 2011

This is a story of 7 strangers

Can we talk about this season's real world las vegas? This is Nany. She came on the show with a boyfriend. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure every person that has come on the real world with a boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with that person. I was a little annoyed that this girl pretended she was going to be any different. We could all tell her relationship wasn't going to last. Especially since she was immediately attracted to one of the other roommates.

This is Adam. I LOVE this picture of him! Looks all sweet and innocent huh? Yeah, he was in juvy for several years. This is the roommate Nany was instantly attracted to. He was instantly attracted to her as well. He says he is single but he has this girlfriend he talks to and tells her he doesn't want her texting any other guys, that she needs to email him first to see if its ok. Yeah, that's normal. He hooks up with random chicks when they first arrive in Vegas, I believe, and then he and Nany hook up.

Now, the real world casting people have been doing this for 19 years. I 100% believe they knew these two would cause the drama that they have. Have you ever seen the casting specials for real world? They find out EVERYTHING about you. Adam had to have told them they when he gets drunk he gets destructive. I'm sure the kid gets kicked out of bars every weekend at home just like he does every night in Vegas. I think they knew he enjoyed having multiple girlfriends. I believe they knew Adam was Nany's type and that she had been abused in past relationships. I also think Nany is dumb for thinking she could go on the real world and her past abuse wouldn't come up.

On Tuesday night's episode things got way out of control due to WAY too much alcohol. I've never seen someone get so drunk and just start punching pictures on the wall and tearing down light fixtures like Adam did. I've also never seen a girl try to get involved like Nany. She stood outside the bathroom they had cornered Adam into until she heard someone call her a bitch and then she acted like she was going to knock someone out. It all really just puzzled me.

Now we must introduce Leroy "Roy Lee". I had to use this picture because it's all over the Internet. He has had his issues with Adam before. He has mentioned that he had a difficult past as well but hasn't explained further. In the preview for next week's episode his response to Adam's misbehavior is to start destroying more stuff. I kind of enjoy it because that is something we have never seen before. Wikipedia says this about Leroy, "Leroy was 10 years old when he and his sisters were removed from their birth mother for her alcoholism and drug abuse."

Here is what I predict for the season: I think they have to kick Adam out of the house. The kid needs to be in a padded cell. Nany will eventually talk about the abuse and get help for it.

So I went trolling the interent for spoilers. Look at what I found on wikipedia. So interesting!

Meet Dustin. I totally forgot until I found this picture that he was on some weird gayish porn website thing. I can't wait for that to come up with the roommate he is dating! Wikipedia had this to tell us about Dustin, "Dustin grew up with a bi-polar, drug addicted mom and an abusive stepfather." Makes sense why he was so protective of Nany. This is Heather. The girl dating Dustin that has no clue he engaged in sexual acts with boys on the internet. Wikipedia has this to tell us, "Heather grew up in a small town with a close-knit family and spent most of her adolescence living with her brother's struggle with brain cancer. The neglect she felt by the constant attention paid to him led alcoholism, and a bout of alcohol poisoning that landed her in the hospital at age 14." When are we going to find out about that?!


  1. i'm definitely on Team Kick Adam Out. the kid is craaazy!

    and wow about heather! i never would of guessed! i give it two more episodes until it comes up.

  2. I think Adam will eventually get kicked out too!

  3. This season is seriously crazy! Every year, I just don't think MTV can get any crazier... they prove me wrong every time!! Have a good weekend!

  4. I don't watch this show, but this just sounds like a train wreck. TRAIN WRECK.

  5. They all seem so young!! I havent watched this show in ages.

  6. I haven't seen the Real World for years! This post really makes me want to watch it though!

  7. You are a nerd. But I love you

  8. I hate can def. tell he's the abuser type of bf just by how he treats everyone around him, especially that girl that he talks to on the phone.