Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My thoughts on rhoc

Real Housewives of OC
I saw some people tweet that they were surprised that Vicki didn't know how old Don was. I have to say I kind of lie to myself and others about my age/forget how old I am which then causes me to forget how old Hubby is. Anyone else shocked that she is 48?! I feel like she looks OLDER than she actually is!

What was the whole thing with her husband's fist and being allergic to things? They are cuckoo! I thought it was strange how she said some men are intimidated by her husband. I feel like she went on and on about how he is successful and good looking. I think my husband is successful and good looking but other men aren't intimadated by him cause he is a nice person and I would never go on and on to anyone about him the way she did. Is it just me or was it weird?

Alexis is going to be so pissed at Tamra at the reunion! I can't wait!

So I think Gretchen is my favorite right now. She is stupid for thinking Slade wouldn't be bothered by being called Tubba Wubba all the live long day but I believed her when she said she wouldn't do it if it bothered him. She's a little scary about the weight thing with Slade and the dogs. I think she will definitely have some fat kids. Don't people know when you are that obsessive about things people rebel? And sharing the custody of the dogs with her ex? Really?

Has Tamra not figured out that she is being recorded? Alexis is not going to like you calling her stupid or her husband a douchebag!

So I also remembered someone tweeting, "What happened to Slade's kids or where are Slade's kids?" This website says he owes $138,000 in child support and has a suspended license. They suspend your license when you don't pay child support. Another website mentioned that his son has a brain tumor. I was shocked to read this. They had a link to this website it says his name is Grayson Smiley and he was diagnosed in 2004. He doesn't hide the fact that he isn't really working on the show so I guess the owing money in child support makes sense. But how can you frolick around with Gretchen and her dogs when your son has a brain tumor?! Peggy mentioned he has been accused of being a deadbeat dad, uh yeah he is officially the poster father for deadbeats!


  1. Meagan, I'm a lovin' your comments on RHOC. /i am so with you on this one. and yes, I thought Vicki was older than she is!!! If I was Gretchen, I'd kick Slade's no good beep beep to the curb!!! Err bad man!!

  2. They are ALL pretty ridic. AND, thanks for clearing that up about Slade- I wondered what Peggy meant by that. what a douche! And, is Alexis and her husband really losing their house?? I believe Tamara would know since she is real estate- how many of these real housewieves are living beyond thier means?? UM- ALL of them except Vicki it seems! The whole show is a mess, but I cant stop watching. Gretchen and Slade never seem to get along and enjoy each other.

  3. I seriously thought Vicki was in her 50's. She looks way older than 48. I saw Slade on an episode of watch what happens and they were talking about the child support and his son. He does owe the money and freely admitted it but said that he's always there for his son...um sure.

  4. They are soooo insane! But I can't stop watching...haha!

  5. I really need to catch up on this season!