Friday, April 22, 2011

Dorky Picture Day!

Neels found some old dorky pictures of herself and everyone started talking about linking up. I of course didn't want to be left out but don't know where my dorky pictures are and don't have a scanner. Luckily my good old Dad, who happens to have a birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!, was helpful enough to find some dorky pictures and scan them and email them to me. Now, these are around the time I got contacts and didn't have braces so I know there are worse out there. Some day I'll track them down and post them for you.

First up is a picture of myself and some girls I met on a cruise to Alaska. This was formal night. I am second from the right in the blue ensemble! I think this was the summer before 7th grade.
This is mom and I the day of my 8th grade graduation.

I don't know where we were when I found this awesome bike.

Here is me with my Nana. I'm on the right sitting next to Nana. Next to her is her boyfriend at the time and my cousin Kristin. Dad's in the back. I think we took this picture when we got back from our Alaska cruise. You may notice Kristin was in the Alaska cruise pic too.

Well, hope you enjoyed all the bangs. Go find some dorky pictures of yourself and link up with us!


  1. These are adorable! And we totally had the same bangs!

  2. Your legs look crazy long in the bike pic! :O)
    Loved the bangs too! :)

  3. Love these pics...especially that bike!

  4. How the heck did you get on that bike?!

  5. That bike is awesome!!!

    Love your new header too, girl!