Friday, April 29, 2011

Boob Tube Babble with Megs7827 & Neely!

So excited for our first Boob Tube Babble link up! What did you watch this week? Any questions or comments you want to blog about? Do it and then link up with Neely or me.

Boob Tube Babble

The first show I must discuss is Saddle Ranch. It is on VH1. Add it to your dvr right now if you haven't seen it.

Saddle Ranch is a restaurant on the Sunset strip in LA. I've been there and have a friend that works there. You knew I was famous right? Anyways, all the celebs go there and of course they made a reality show about it. On the first episode they bring a few people over from the restaurant in another part of LA to kind of compete with the employees at the Sunset restaurant.

Two of the female bartenders throw beer on each other and sabotage each other's ice, etc. In the second episode a waitress gets in a fight with the new shot girl. Then they all go to a party at one of the bartender's houses. The guy gets a stripper for his friend who has a girlfriend. The girls heckle the stripper and throw a drink at her. The stripper grabs the girls hair and drags her over a couch onto the floor. I'm not making this stuff up! I'm telling you, it is a must watch!

Bethenny- I assume you all know about Bethenny Ever After on Bravo.

This week I was surprised to find out that she made it to the finals on Skating with the Stars. I know I'm a bad Bethenny fan for not watching and voting, but I think it was a super busy time in my life when that was on.

OTH- One Tree Hill on the CW
How much did you love Jana Kramer's song Whiskey on oth this week?! Definitely going to be downloading that one! So looks like Brooke and Julian are going to NY. I totally predicted that it was Kellerman's son that hit Jamie and Brooke. Best part is that the next episode is the season finale not the series finale. More oth!!!

What shows did you watch this week? Write a post about your thoughts on this week's shows and link up!


  1. Oh damn! I think I missed OTH!!! I hope my PVR caught it!!!

  2. If I had cable, I would totally watch those! I've gotten out of watching OTH. Maybe I should start watching it again?

  3. Did OTH get picked up for Season 8? I must have missed that. Yay!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. love love love bethenny!!!! her and jason are totally awesome and hilarious.

  5. I haven't watched any of those shows, but I'm thinking I'll have to check them out (especially the first one, I love me some drama!)

  6. Saddle Ranch: Totally tuning into the dramz!

    Bethanny Ever After: She cracks me up,I love tuning in to see and hear her one liners.

  7. Saddle Ranch!!! I've been there! I didn't know they were doing a show there. I'll have to check my listings for it!

  8. I would cry if OTH was over for good! AND, I KNOW YOU HAD THAT LITTLE Guy by now!! Updates. stat. please!