Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am having a slow work day. I have been tired ever since Vegas. Everyone today is making comments "You look tired" "Need a pillow". So I finally went to get myself some coffee and there was only a little left in the decaf pot. We have one of those industrial coffee maker things. I am afraid to touch it. On my way back to my desk I thought oh I could blog about that. Then I was looking for pictures of people yawning and they had animals and I thought oh I wonder if there are pictures of bunnies yawning. Sure enough there are a bunch. We have a bunny and when he yawns that is the #1 cute thing he does. This is not a picture of Blue. But pretty cute little guy. Don't know how they were able to catch this pic. The yawns are difficult to predict and quick.

#2 on the cute list is sneezing. There aren't any pictures of this cause its mostly just a noise and then a surprised look after.

#3 is washing his face. Again, not Blue. So cute though!


  1. I would love to have a bunny. My dogs too. For completely different reasons, of course.

  2. I love the bunny yawn! So cute!