Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back bloggers!

Here is a picture from our beautiful wedding! The weather was perfect! Everything was perfect! I definitely took my groom's breath away when he first saw me. He said he thought he was going to cry. My poor dad was super nervous and emotional walking me down the aisle and I had no idea. We got a little confused during the ring part but our family and friends just laughed. The reception was so much fun. Had technical difficulties cutting the cake. No one really noticed except they were bummed we didn't shove cake in each others' faces. We didn't have enough!

The honeymoon was everything we hoped for. The trecherous drive down highway 1 on the coast of California during a rain storm was scary. A cloudy day was spent making great friends on a wine tasting tour. The sun came out mid week in Santa Barbara. We went for a gorgeous bike ride and got a couples massage. Had a pool (ocean view) day and a visit to the Santa Barbara mission. Just relaxed in our robes getting spoiled in our little cottage at the Four Seasons. Had amazing ocean view meals!

Now its back to work and scrambling to get all our paperwork turned in and my name changed. Missed you all! Gotta read and catch up! xoxo


  1. We wondered about the smashed cake. It seemed out of character that no smashing occured. Mystery put to bed. Now go file some paperwork.

  2. We had several moments that you feel like everyone is watching us and this is so awkward! Like when the mc handed us the mic. We were not planning on making a speech! We couldn't coordinate the two people cutting a cake thing and it was just crumbling.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! everything sounds perfect!!! Congrats lady!

  4. First of all: congratulations, Mrs! Now you can enlighten us in the mystery that is married life :)