Friday, October 23, 2009

What is going on today?

Ok I checked but its not a full moon. What is up with people today?

As a receptionist, I take a ton of phone calls every day. I get weird ones, but today has been especially werid.

Weird call #1-Guy says Hi, asks me how I'm doing. Starts off normal. Wants me to look something up for him, ok. Hasn't identified himself and unless you have called me like 30 times and have a distinctive voice, I usually don't know who is calling me. Then he goes, "Do you want to come to my halloween party?" I say, "Uh, where do you live." Hoping its far away so I can use that excuse. He said a town not too far. Dang. Me, "Are people dressing up?" Him, "Yeah, I'm gonna be Jack Sparrow." Then I change the topic and transfer him to someone else. Phew. Was a little worried he was going to call back and give me

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