Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am going to be an "auntie" again!!

Remember lovely readers I am an only child. I have to adopt my friends' and cousins' babies as neices and nephews.

One of my bridesmaids is pregnant! So I am very excited to be an "auntie" again and ooh and aah and give kisses. And buy baby clothes! My favorite!

We are super close, so we have discussed, in detail, the whole process. A few of our friends are into the Chinese birth chart. You can check it out here: For those of you that have kids see if it is correct and let me know. When we were looking at the birth chart for S before she got pregnant it said she was going to have a boy if she got pregnant with in the next 6 months or so. In her imaginary planned life which is probably about as acurate as the chinese birth chart, she is having a girl. So in September at her birthday I bet her $20 its a boy. I'll let you know in 9 months who wins. Actually they might be finding out when they can. Sonograms are so good now you can see the thing anyways!

She goes to the doctor in 7 weeks and then we will get the official due date. We are hoping by some weird freak of nature she will be able to attend our friend's wedding June 18th. The internet said her due date would be July 3rd and the wedding is an 8 hour drive away. So its not looking good. I don't think she reads my blog. But if she did, she would probably mad that I am about to say this. I don't think her husband and she will be going to his brother's wedding in July either. We live in Cali, they live in New York. With an infant? Not happening! I'll keep you guys updated! Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. awe, yay. congrats. :)

    thanks for commenting on the twitter issue. :)

  2. thanks for stopping by my bloggy place - come often , comment much!

  3. go read my friends tale of "what they don't tell you when you give birth" but don't show your friend.

  4. JAJJAAJ I read that post above^ ... yea I'm adopting now. Kiddding!

    But, I'm an only child too, so I hear ya about adopting your friend's babies :D