Thursday, October 22, 2009

No posing

I've decided this is probably the funniest most awkward thing someone has said to me today. And I work with my husband and like 18 other guys so I hear a lot of funny awkward things every day. But we I think you will need some back story for the full effect. Hope its not too long.

First you will need to be reminded that I have worked at day camps and in schools for the last 10 years. This lovely state feels the need to fingerprint you every time you work with children in a different county. I am all for fingerprinting people that work with kids. Fyi a lot of districts don't fingerprint volunteers (maybe need to leave that for another blog). I think when I needed to be fingerprinted in Chico I went to the campus police station at Chico State where I was going to school for the joyous experience. The lady took like an hour fingerprinting me. I was starting to think I didn't have any. She was making me rub weird stuff on my fingers and everything. This experience obviously scared me. I hate being fingerprinted now in fear that my prints will disappear.

I decided to get the whole name change thing over with today. I was literally in line before the Social Security office opened. I thought my visit to the Social Security office would give me something to blog about, but it was pretty boring. Sit and wait. Number gets called. Give guy papers. Get receipt and go.

Then I went to the DMV. Again sit and wait. Number gets called. Give guy papers. Oh more back story...(eye break) I wasn't sure if I would have time for the DMV today and also wasn't sure if they would be taking a new picture. I was hoping they were since my old one is grody, but I hadn't properly coifed my hair. Its been a pony all week. Haven't had the energy. Still recovering from honeymoon. Anyways, so when the guy tells me I have to go over to window 1 to get my picture taken I have mixed feelings. How can I make this pic good? So its my turn at window 1 and you have to sign the tiny box. Tried to do my best. Then he tells me I have to stick my thumb on a screen. Panic sets in. He is taking my fingerprint? Then of course the machine makes several beeping noises. He puts his hand over my hand to try and get the thing to work. Then he asks, "Are you always this difficult?" Due to my past fingerprint difficulties I answer, "Yes". By this time the machine has recognized my alien print and he tells me to step back so he can take my picture. I stand in what I think is a normal position. Trying to look cute and like I have hair cause remember its in a pony. Then he tells me, "Oh, no posing. Look straight at me." I almost died! Does he not know how mortifying handing your id over to bouncers and sales people is when you don't have a good picture! Then after he took the (we are hoping still ok front facing) picture he said, "You really are always this difficult!" I wished the man a good day and left. Still thinking about it 3 hours later.


  1. "Are you always this difficult?" HA HA HA HA that's a good one. Send me an email with you brother guess, I am intersted.

  2. Had the same problem with my car license photo. As I assumed the smiling position, the man said: "Serious face. No smiling!" What an ass.