Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Recap Wednesday!

It was nice to have a weekend back at the tiny apartment. Pretty much every gift we got is still in the box. Just thinking about all those boxes and scrapbooking I need to do is stressing me out, again! We have got it to bareable, but we need to move, BAD!

We didn't do anything Friday night. Just caught up on our many tv shows.

Saturday morning we went to a cousin's volleyball game. It was a crazy big gym with like 6 games going on at one time. We walked around some games and through some nets over to grandpa, grandma, and uncle. The game lasted two minutes. Then we were standing on the court chatting with the fam and of course a ball hits me dead in the head! I try to tell people that balls are attracted to my head but they just laugh and think I'm weird. Seriously, I think I have been hit in the head way more than the normal person. I recovered and got the heck out of the danger zone. I had an eye doctor appointment to go to. It was nice to have an appointment on a Saturday. Bummer there was fun stuff I could have been doing.

The eye doctors visit went ok. I told him I have been getting a lot of headaches recently, but he didn't think it was eye related. He then proceeded to force me to strain my eyes a bunch. Numbed them and put weird contacts in my eyes. Guess who had a headache!

My appointment was done around 12 which meant my tummy was rumbling. Called hubby to find out what the plan was for lunch. He told me I had missed out on Round Table (cruel I know). So since there was no hope of food at the volleyball game and I was hungry I headed home. Got to catch up on some of my girly shows. Had left over tacos. Hubby got home around 2. He wanted to go shopping for boy stuff. We were given so many wonderful wedding gifts and some people were very generous with the $$. We had some left from the honeymoon so Hubby wanted to buy something big and fancy. Read yesterday's post to understand why I am too paranoid to tell you what we got.

Saturday night we went to a comedy club. Free tickets were dropped off at work and a coworker said it was a fun place so we decided to mix it up and not do the usual beer pong for the boys/girl talk for the girls night. It was pretty fun. My favorite joke was, "With all the technology we have, and the amazing things cars can do, why can't we figure out how to make what appears in the mirror the distance that it appears?!" We had some laughs and then went over to our friends' house for pie (the hubby had some) and beers/girl talk. They have the new wii sports game with frisbee golf and wakeboarding. So after Hubby kicked some butt in bowling I played around while the girls went to bed. Then we took off.

Sunday morning was watching football. Lunch at our fave mexican restaurant Fred's with our friend Jake. We had to thank Jake for doing an awesome job bunnysitting while we were on our honeymoon. Sunday night we had bbq chicken and rice-a-roni for dinner.

This weekend is halloween! Not sure what we are going to do. We actually have several options. In the past we have made it a tradition to watch the lastest saw movie that is on dvd and cuddle on the couch. I like tradition!

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