Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Nightmare!

Here is the dream I had this weekend:

In the dream, we decided to move the wedding to the house I grew up in. This meant that our so important wedding coordinators were not there to handle any dilemma. Which resulted in everything possible going wrong. There were no flowers. Bridesmaids and photographers were late. At the beginning of the dream, there was a debate over if I should wear my wedding dress in the before ceremony pictures. A dog had puked on the lawn we were going to take pictures on and was laying there. I saw my groom walking up to the house and I didn't want him to see me. Someone took him and his groomsmen up to my parents' room. While we were outside taking pictures my cousin (matron of honor) decided to act like she was 9 years old again and stepped on my dress and put my train into the pool. I went to stand under the deck of my parents' room, looked up and saw my groom standing on the deck where he could have easily seen me taking pictures. The thing I was trying to avoid!! Then I went inside and asked my bridesmaids and some other girls if one of them wanted to be maid of honor. None of the girls who already had a dress, the bridesmaids, volunteered. But some random girls did. There was another bad thing that happened involving gifts to my parents but I can't talk about that since I haven't given them their gifts yet.

Now this is either the second or third wedding nightmare I have had. All I remember from another one is just screaming at my mom.

The only thing that makes me not terrified by these dreams is knowing my wonderful matron of honor would never go back to her 9 year old ways and beat me up and disown me as a cousin on my wedding day. She threw me an amazing bridal shower and has been so awesome through the whole planning process. And I know I would never scream at my mom. She has been super planner mom as well. I also have two amazing wedding coordinators that won't let anything go wrong. We are 27 days away. Hopefully no more nightmares!

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