Thursday, September 24, 2009

Really Walmart? Really?

"For A.J. and Lisa Demaree, the photos they snapped of their young daughters were innocent and sweet. But after a photo developer at Walmart thought otherwise, the Demarees found themselves in a yearlong battle to prove they were not child pornographers. "

I almost have so many things to rant about with this that it leaves me speechless. I have to think if SNL were on now that Seth Myers would be doing one of his Really? skits.

Let me just say if this is pornography then I know a lot of pornographers. I thought it was a tradition to take bath tub pics. It is in my family. Every picture album has them. There are baby butts on all my friends' facebook pages.

I cherish the picture of myself at age 2 probably and my cousins at age 3 and 4 in the tub. To look back at that picture and then to have them stand beside me on my wedding day I am only filled with love.

I am well aware this country is messed up. For some reason taking away this tradition really upsets me.

Working with children for so many years has of course made me super sensitive to the exploitation of them. I would never be in favor of something remotely harmful to children.

Bathtub pics are not harmful to children!!

I really hope we figure this mess out soon.


  1. Bathtub pics are about as harmless as Harry Potter movies for me, but still some people do not share those views. Thanks for following my blog ;)

  2. My-my-my...the world can be such a complex place, even Walmart!
    I'm even paranoid to have my own portrait on the blog...who knows it might end up in an adult site! I'm being paranoid as usual...hee*
    Have a wonderful weekend~