Friday, September 18, 2009

When do you give up on a book?

I am on page 220 of Pillars of the Earth. It has taken me a month or longer to get this far. I had to renew it at the library cause I wasn't done. Normally, I wouldn't give a book this long to get good. Normally, it only takes me a day to read 220 pages.

The only reason I keep trucking along is a teacher once described this book as one of the best books ever! She said it makes all other books you read less than. I am starting to care about the characters. Maybe I will give it some time over the weekend. But I am starting to feel like I should give up on it.

How much time and pages should you give a book? When do you give up on a book?


  1. Does skipping to the end or skimming count as giving up?


  2. 100 pages. That is all a book gets. If you want to know why go back and look at my blog. Click on the books link and read my 100 page rule.

  3. I started reading the Count of Monte Cristo in May. It's 1000 pages and I read the first 500 in 2 weeks and can't pick it up again. But I can't just give up because then its like I read the first 1/2 for nothing. But yeah, generally speaking, the 100 page rule is good!