Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little cousin is getting married!!!

Finally I feel like I thought of something interesting to write about!

I have been getting a little teary eyed all day thinking about the big wedding this weekend. Don't know if my emotions will last all the way until Saturday but we will see. Rob try not to cry while saying your vows or I will for sure lose it!

This Saturday, August 1st, my younger cousin Allison is becoming a wife! She is the first younger cousin to get hitched and I'm surprised by the teary eyes. I keep thinking of her little chubby cheeks in our family photo albums and all the hand-me-down clothes I gave her! On Saturday I know she is going to look amazing and she won't be wearing a hand-me-down!

Now some of you may not now the love story of Allison and Robin. She likes to say they met at a "club" in college. She thinks thats cooler than telling the whole truth. But I think the whole truth is so cute! The met in a Republican club at school! I love that they have that in common. Thats not all they have in common. Allison of course comes from a wonderful family. From what I've heard, I'll let you know after Saturday, Rob comes from a pretty wonderful family too. I know that their common values and support systems will help make there's a marriage that will last a lifetime. Above all that they are madly in love with eachother! They beam every time they catch each other's eyes. In fact a few of us suspected Rob was ready to pop the question and I begged him to wait until my boyfriend proposed. Don't want to look like an old maid! But he couldn't wait! He surprised her in Disneyland. A place every little girl finds so magical. Their proposal pictures are so adorable!

Well little cousin! I think Rob is going to make you an honest woman Saturday. I don't know what that saying means but I hope we grow even closer as we start this crazy journey into adulthood as wives!! Maybe someday I will be handing down some maternity clothes, huh?! Everyone calm down! Someday. Nothing to get excited about yet except Allie and Rob's wedding! Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both! Congrats!!!

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  1. You are so sweet! I am excited that my wedding will be followed by an equally beautiful one in October! I love you, Big 'Cuz!!