Monday, September 28, 2009

I survived my bachelorette party in Vegas!

Wahoo! I figured out how to add pictures!! Kind of sad that I never got to see this sign when we were there this weekend. But that is one of the few sad things of the weekend.

Our bachelor/bachelorette party weekend was amazing!!! It was so wonderful that so many of our friends were able to celebrate with us.

Lets start with those goals I had for the weekend. Goal #1 was to not drink too much. This goal was ACCOMPLISHED!! Kind of thankful the boys didn't last too long with out us and we met back up around 2am because if left to our own devices my goal might not have been accomplished.

Goal #2 hoping the fiance didn't drink too much was also accomplished!!

Goal #3 Have fun. Totally accomplished. Had one of the craziest best nights ever! My friend N came up with this idea to make a scavenger hunt list for me. At first I thought if I did everything on the list the wedding could be called off. My girls assured me that the list wasn't that bad. They did help me out a lot. But it made the night super silly and so fun! I was a little worried because my other friend S took about 300 pictures and got me completing all the items on the list. But my fiance said he wouldn't get mad if we told him what was on the list. And he didn't! He just was happy we had fun, I know I am so lucky!

Goal #4 no drama. Mostly accomplished. There were a few moments here and there. I was surprised I got upset Friday night. Looking back part of the reason was my fiance and I were being pulled in different directions all day. He wanted to spend time with his friends he rarely gets to see and I with mine. Getting all 15 or so of us to want to do the same thing was like we expected, difficult. You should have seen the itinerary and lists I had made in preparation for this weekend. I am an obsessive planner. So when the only thing on the itinerary we did Friday was go to our dinner reservation, they should have known I would get upset. My fiance tried to calm me down, my amazing friend N helped get everyone back on track. A couple people were trying to make it more drama but a couple of the boys got me smiling again and everything was better by the next morning.

Probably the saddest part was that someone lost their iphone. There was confusion Sunday morning about when we were leaving and a couple people wanted to get home early and we wanted to have a nice breakfast to put a nice end to the weekend and say good bye. This made the couple grumpy and at some point in their morning the phone was lost. Luckily the tension was eased after getting through traffic. I was glad we were able to hug at the end of our long drive.

Oh and the drive! The drive there was actually pretty easy. We left around 8:30am on Friday from San Diego and there weren't any crazy drivers. Like I said we left later on Sunday around 12:30 and we saw three cars that had driven off the road and flipped over!! This made traffic bad obviously. Then people decided to drive on the shoulder, the truck lane, and even in the dirt! Seriously people!


  1. When I saw the Vegas picture with the words 'bachelorette party' I saw flashes of the movie 'The Hangover' but as long as there were no tigers involved, it must have been a blast ;)

  2. I know! All our friends were telling us we had to go see Hangover and it would get us pumped for Vegas. All it did was scare me!

  3. I love that you made lists to go to Vegas! Too funny, and totally something I'd do! Vegas is a blast...


  4. Well, it sounds to me like a great weekend. I'm glad you had fun and that there wasn't too much drama.

    PS: Just stopping by to thank you for following my blog. Take care =)