Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time Flies!

I can't believe how time is flying by! Our bachelor/bachelorette party is this weekend! Although it has been in the works for a long time it has felt like forever away, much like the wedding. The weird part is that it doesn't feel like my bachelorette party. It feels like a trip for a birthday or someone else's bachelorette party. Goals are: 1. Don't drink too much! 2. Hope that fiance doesn't drink too much! 3. Have fun!! 4. No drama!

I will update you after we get back. Guessing I am setting my my goals way too high based on past experiences. But keep your fingers crossed!

Due to the crazy atmosphere and large group of our party we have tried to plan out destinations and make reservations at restaurants as much as possible. I was beaming yesterday because we got a dinner reservation for 15 people I did not think that would happen.

Oh and also hope the drive there and back is safe. Crazy drivers!

And hope my first time doing mystic tan isn't an orange disaster.

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