Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms! making mom friends

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Last Tuesday I went to the first support group meeting. I loved it! There were probably 20 moms with their little ones all under 6 months of age. The support group is two hours long. Pretty much all there was time for was the women to go around an introduce themselves and talk about how their week went and ask any questions they had. The facilitator has been doing this for 12 years and she is an occupational therapist so she is a great resource.

They ask the first timers to share their birth story, who their pediatrician is, and if they are planning on going back to work. The first new girl seemed kind of shy. She didn't really talk much about her birth story. I went for the tmi overshare approach! Driving home I was thinking about how I'm the only one that shared what degree tear I had lol!

I only have a few mins until I need to wake Chase up from his nap. So let me just bullet point some of the tips and tricks I heard.

  • we have our 2 month shot appointment coming up and there was a mom that had just taken her son so there were some good tips. i was already planning on nursing him to comfort him and giving him pain reliever afterwards. someone gave me a pain reliever that i'm going to take in and make sure its ok. the mom mentioned some pediasure drops or something and I tried to ask what they were, my friend said she thought they were like tylenol or a pain reliever. the other tip i thought was useful was to bring a bottle nipple with you. i guess there is a medicine they give them as an oral drop and they might not be used to that so you can put it in a nipple and it might make it easier.

  • a couple moms talked about the book 90 minute sleep program. i'm tempted to read it but we are doing pretty good so i don't want to stress myself out and mess him up like with all the other books i read. sounds like you don't let them stay awake for more than 90 minutes, we don't let him stay up for more than two hours.

  • another book that was mentioned is "and baby makes three". my friend is reading it right now and said i could borrow it after she is done. she said she is loving it.

  • someone also mentioned a workout video to do with your baby that sounds fun. i'll have to get the name of it again.

  • Someone else mentioned poop color relating to getting hind milk when breast feeding which I thought was interesting. Chase has had some random green poops and I didn't know if he was allergic to something I ate or what the deal was. Maybe it was that he wasn't getting enough hind milk. Hasn't happened in awhile. He's doing frequent mustard poops now. found this info on justmommies.com "Foremilk/Hindmilk imbalance - If your baby is breastfeeding and has green frothy-looking poops, this may be a result of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. To put this simply, when a mom breastfeeds the first milk that comes out (foremilk) is thinner and lower in fat. After you have nursed for a bit, you will start to produce richer, fattier milk called hindmilk. Babies that receive too much of the thin foremilk and not enough of the richer hindmilk sometimes have problems with green stools and tummy aches. If you have been switching breasts a lot instead of letting baby get a good feed on one breast, you may have problems with this."
I will be going to the support group again today. I'm sure I'll have more tips for you all next week! What tips do you have for moms? Write a post and link up!


  1. I would so be the one giving TMI about my birth story and sharing what degree tear I had too lol! I'm considering joining one that the hospital told me about...

  2. haha, I like your TMI approach.
    When A had her shot, the doctor gave me some baby tylenol with a dropper to bring home, but I never used it. She never seemed to need it, and i figure why give them somthing they dont need. He might be just fine after!

  3. Love the idea of a support group. I've been looking for a new mommy "meet-up" around my town lately.

    Also, at our two month doc appointment, our pediatrician gave us some tylenol to take home in case of fever post-shots. Baby J was a little fussier that day, but other than that was completely fine. Don't worry yourself too much, but be prepared to give some extra lovin' that day for sure!