Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays From Moms and Target Tuesday

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

One bad thing about going to support group is seeing all the cool gadgets the other moms have and then wanting them! How have I survived 2 months without baggies for Chase's diapers?! Here is a list of some stuff I want to get at Target this week:

$16.99 Gilligan & O'Malley® Womens Full Sling Nursing Tank With Lace - Plum

I don't have any nursing tanks because I usually feed Chase at home. Most of the women in the support group feed their babies while we are there and then they can go out and do stuff afterwards instead of having to rush home to feed their baby. I tried feeding Chase this week and it didn't go so well. I'm trying to resolve all the problems with it. I definitely think having a nursing tank would help! Isn't this one cute?!

Along the same lines of nursing Chase in public, I want to get this nursing cover. $10.49
Eddie Bauer Nursing Privacy Cover - Blue & Green

I want to get a bumbo seat for Chase.

What mom stuff do you want to get? Any other advice? Link up!


  1. I had a bumbo for Trace and it was great! He sat in it quite contentedly for quite a while. I highly recommend one! Although, Trace's was purple and not very manly...hopefully Chase gets a green or blue one. ;)

  2. I'm kinda afraid to know what makes a nursing tank different from a regular tank.

  3. DEFINITELY GET A BUMBO!! You could probably get a used one. They are a soft plastsic so super easy to clean. Anika eats in hers and i just wash it off in the sink. I have an udder cover I got for free on line. I will check and see if they have any promos right now. I went to a baby class yesterday (took the day off) and I just whipped my dress down and nursed :) I have the nursing tanks too and they are great. I want to get some things for teething- I have a sophie the giraffe and some cool rings I put in the fridge and even have the amber necklace, but I want to be ready :)

  4. I have all three of these! After Kate was born, I LIVED in nursing tanks, regardless of whether I was out or at home. And now? I still wear them because they're like a tank with a built in bra. I really appreciated just unhooking one side of the tank and not having to mess with a shirt and a bra.

    For teething Katherine has an amber necklace (like Ashley mentioned) and I also got this little mesh thing that's like a toy with a handle, but I can put ince in it for her to chew on.

  5. i have this tank- the target nursing tanks aren't that great- for me they fit the boobs if i get a L but the stomach area is HUGE then if i get a M it doesn't fit my boobs, but fits the stomach area- try motherhood..they're a lot cuter and better!

    i have an udder cover- you need to go to www.uddercover.com and get them for FREE all you pay is shipping and it's like $5 or something.


  6. I have all 3 of these! I wear nursing tanks all the time, and I've used my nursing cover when guests are over so I don't flash everyone! I have a lime green Bumbo for Landon when he's old enough to hold his head up. I hear they're great seats!

  7. Bumbo seats are so cute to me for whatever reason!

  8. The tank is cute - doesn't look like a nursing tank, so I'm thinking that's a bonus :)

  9. Loved the bumbo for our 2 kids. Plus, placing kid in bumbo in center of Thanksgiving table made a very Martha Stewart spread. LOL