Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yahoo had 2011 horoscopes here is mine, I'm an Aquarius.

Year 2011 Overview
A series of breakthroughs in consciousness happen for you in 2011. Slowing down those genius synapses may not be an option (yeah I have lots of genius synapses with my pregnancy brain), but with so much mental exuberance, why would you want it to stop? Imagine the onslaught of six planets all occupying the mental sector of your horoscope at the same time. And the fact that the planets will be in Aries -- one of the feistiest, go-getter signs of them all -- only adds fuel to the fire. A sense of urgency dominates the scene. You won't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Could the planets possibly be any more conducive to productivity? (Oh good! I'm going to be productive!)

Of course sleep could be an issue in that case, but you'll have so much energy you won't even notice the deprivation (ok we definitely know sleep deprivation is in my future. They think I'll have energy and won't notice it?). If you're a writer, this is by far your most prolific year (oh get ready readers!). Words easily just spill right onto the page. Regardless of your chosen profession, you'll have your hands full with communication and correspondence. You're learning all about the power and pleasures of the mind with daily life becoming a thrilling education itself.

Another keynote of 2011 is a radically spiritualized approach to money and possessions. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly inspired to give it all away just to tap into the lightness of being (yeah that house we just bought? ah, give it away!). Any residual materialistic tendencies seem to lose their importance once Neptune takes up residence in your money sector this year. You'll be inundated by Neptune's compassionate and empathic teachings over the next 14 years. You'll feel more for those who have not and may even devote more of your time and energy to helping those in need (like my kid?).

Year 2011 Career
Fame and success just have a way of finding you -- especially over the past 14 years (uh? really?). In fact, you often take for granted how popular you are because there is always a part of you that dwells alone in your thoughts away from the crowds that follow you (are they referring to my blog followers?).


  1. "there is always a part of you that dwells alone in your thoughts away from the crowds that follow you" That could make some seriously cool fortune cookie! Happy New Year :)

  2. That sounds right on track for Megs having the best year ever! :) Happy new years sweet friend!

  3. Hope 2011 does bring you lots of good things!!