Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy busy!

So we have been at the mortgage lender's office two nights in a row now. It sucks. There is so much to sign and we have so many questions as first time home buyers. They have turned the lights out while we were there both times.

Last night after signing and talking for like an hour and a half we met up with my parents and their friends at Chili's. One of my mom's best friends passed away 5 years ago in December. Her favorite restaurant was Chili's and her favorite drink was the El Nino. It was nice to catch up with my mom's friends. I am sure Betty was there catching up with all of us and is so excited that my mom is going to have a grandbaby.

Tonight we are going to Hubby's cousin's for dinner. It has been a long time since we have seen her and her family. We get to meet the latest edition to the family, her new baby boy. Plus I have to pick her brain for decorating ideas since she used to do interior design.

Saturday is the home inspection. I think we are going to tag along with him while he is looking at things so he can also kind of teach us how to work everything because I have no clue how to work sprinklers and stuff like that. Then the in laws are coming down to check out the house. Then we are going to Sacramento for a nice dinner with the in laws and some other family friends.

Sunday we are decorating cookies with my cousins. I haven't seen my cousin's little one in too long and we might get some pictures of both of us with our belly bumps.

I love this time of year getting to see all our friends and family. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. Aww, Love decorating cookies! Sounds like a blast.
    Good luck during your home inspection. :)

  2. fingers crossed it goes well!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  3. Have a great weekend....sounds like your gonna be pretty busy!

  4. Praying the heater isn't going to cost much, but you can negotiate for them to pay for some of it right? I hope so, praying it all works well!:)