Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well I've been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs and it sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Hubby and I had a wonderful Christmas as well. I loved having Hubby around for a 5 day weekend. Between his 50 hour work week and buying a house and living with the parents I felt like we were able to reconnect over the holiday.

His first day off was Christmas eve. We did some errands and stuff around the house. Picked up a take and bake pizza and played wii with my dad. My parents got us for Christmas morning this year so we had some bacon and put cinnamon rolls into the oven and started opening presents. Our little one that is due in April got a lot of presents. I'll blog about it on the baby blog. Hubby spoiled me as usual. The two presents I got him are lost in storage. Wife of the year here people! Then it was off to the in laws.

The in laws were waiting for us to get there to start opening presents. They also spoiled us. Then a few people came over for Christmas dinner. Brother-in-law got a kinect so that was fun after dinner. If you play kinect make sure there is a lot of room to play. Brother and his friend kicked each other and hit the ceiling fan. Dangerous!

Boxing day Hubby had to help his dad with the leaves for like 2 hours so I took a nice hot shower and pampered myself. Then there was a lot of football watching and left over prime rib sandwiches. Then we went bowling! I didn't do too good but I got a few strikes and had fun.

Monday we drove back to my parents house and unloaded all our presents. In the evening we went to my aunt and uncles house for their family Christmas. I loved getting to see my little "newphews". One spit up on me. The other one got a car that he was obsessed with. He likes to tell you all the words he knows and says hi a lot. I think he loves me cause I say hi back and listen to him show me mommy and daddy 10 times. The best part was after dinner when he got cookies. He went crazy!

Now Hubby is back to work and Dad and I have the week off. We ran some errands today and are doing chores around the house. By we I mean my dad is vacuuming and trying to show me how cool the vacuum is. We got the same one for Christmas. I don't plan on using it. That's Hubby's job!


  1. I wish my dad would play wii! Glad you had a great Christmas friend :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love that the baby is already collecting gifts! :)

  3. Wow, you got married AND expecting a baby?! At least you have something to show for this past year :) It sounds like a wonderful Christmas and a bonus that your dad is there to help with the vacuuming. I'll let him demonstrate the new vacuum cleaner everyday :)

  4. You had a fabulous Christmas!! I am jealous your BIL got the Kinnect! I am dying for one!

  5. Sounds busy and fun! Is there a link on here to the baby blog? I need to add it to my reader now that it is public! :)