Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

My dvr twin came up with the topic for this week's top 2 tuesday so I had to participate even though my indulgences are super lame!

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences!

1. Going out to restaurants

Hubby and I love good food. We probably spend $150 to $200 a month at restaurants. So we definitely don't over indulge but that is probably our one area Suze Orman would suggest cutting back in.

Look its a baby Hubby and baby Megs circa 2005. I thought I would post a litle flasback for ya. This is Hubby and I after about a year and a half of dating. My parents took us to Hawaii. I believe this picture is us at the famous Duke's. I know I'm a spoiled only child, deal with it. Hubby was the first boyfriend they spoiled. You know the saying, when you know, you know. It works with parents too. They knew.

2. Cable TV

You guys all know I'm addicted to the tv and can't live without it. I told you guys they weren't too exciting but these are two things we spend a chunk of change on that we could obviously cut back on. But I don't want to live with out my dvr!

I couldn't find a picture of my watching tv or sitting on our couches. So here is me on my cousin's couch. That's my "nephew" about 2 years ago! He doesn't cuddle like that anymore :( he's a big boy but he likes to play with me cause I change the settings on his toys to spanish cause I'm weird.


  1. Cable tv is nice...too bad Comcast sucks here.

  2. Cable is for sure an indulgence! I just convinced Chad to get cable after 14 months of dating....we watched last night for the first time and he goes "ok you were right...this is awesome"

  3. I definitely indulge in watching cable tv!!