Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last minute Top 2 Tuesday

This weeks Top Two over at Taylor's blog is: Top Two Characters you'd like to play in a TV show or Movie

When I first saw this topic I saw stumped. I couldn't think of anyone. I even commented on other blogs that I wasn't going to participate....

Then I watched Bachelor Pad. And I realized my number 1 is...


How much do you love that pic? I used to flexible, probably not that flexible. But she makes me want to stretch or take yoga. I was motivated to do this post after watching Bachelor Pad because Hubby cannot stand her. He thinks she is annoying. I puffy sparkly heart love her! I wish I had her positive optimism.

Driving home from work today I was thinking about changing my about me or maybe writing a post about the juxtapositions in my life. Here is one for you... my #2 is...

Bethenny Frankel!!

There were so many great pics of Bethenny to choose from, but gotta go with the one with Cookie! Love that crazy dog! I love Bethenny's wit and sarcasm. Total opposite to Tenley right? I also love how she had immediate skinnies after giving birth. I love to laugh and she cracks me up!


  1. Bethenny has the best one-liners! That gal is HILARIOUS!

  2. I love Bethenny! She is HILARIOUS and so business savy!

  3. The LOVE Bethenny!! I want her to come back to Bravo!

  4. I am with your hubs on that one... can not stand Tenley. SO annoying. But, I do love some Bethenny!!