Sunday, August 8, 2010


We had a wonderful night with great friends last night.

We started the night with dinner at Trattoria Positano. I had LASAGNA di POLLO al FORNO-Lasagna filled with fresh ground chicken, beciamella, ricotta on a bed of tomatosauce for $15.95. I always get chicken lasagna if it is on the menu anywhere. I need to learn how to make it at home! Everyone loved their food but I wish the portions were bigger. I was still hungry.

If you follow me on twitter you would know I have never had a mojito before. So I was on a mission to have one. The restaurant we were at only seved beer and wine so we used my friend's iphone to find a bar close by.

We walked over to The Shanty. The bartender pretty much laughed at me when I asked if they make mojitos. Not really that type of place. But we settled in for a few drinks and ended up having a great time. One of the things we talked about is doing a friends vacay every year. Some of the places we want to go are Colorado, Texas, and North Carolina.

I was hoping to find a dream vacation rental on this website.

Something like this would be great! We have had problems doing vacation rentals before. I also don't like that most places have twin beds. Maybe if we do this every summer will have to rotate who gets the master and who gets the bunk beds!

Oh I guess I stumped yall with the other two pictures in the header. The one on the right is the cabrillo national monument
The one on the right is from our honeymoon in Santa Barbara. We rode our bikes to Stearns Wharf.

Have you seen this blog? It is a book club blog! I am so excited! I already got the first book at the library. I also got The Help and The short life of bree tanner. I am on page 16 of The Help and I don't know if I will read the whole thing. Have you read either of them?


  1. I have to check out that book club blog... I was JUST thinking that I need a new book to read :)
    And I have had a mojito before and now you have me craving one!!

  2. I go with friends on a vacation every year and it's always the best time. Hope you find a great place for the next one!

  3. I should start that with my girlfriend....I bet that would be fun to have a vacay to look forward too.

  4. 要在憂患恥辱的環境裡,創造我們自力更生的新生活。..................................................

  5. We went on the best vacation ever with our friends this year. It was so much fun and brought us all closer together.

    Mmm... mojitos!

  6. Too funny about The Shanty. I think you are lucky to get imported beer there. LOL