Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wardrobe malfunctions and hungry jazz faces

Are you guys enjoying these posts? Do I do them too late?

I think we all know I want Melinda to go home! I was planning to stay up and watch the whole show and vote for Robert but Hubby wanted to go to bed earlier. So I told him if Robert goes home I blame him!

First up was Adechike and Lauren doing Hip Hop. When I heard about this combo doing this style I said, "What?!" I thought it was good, not great. I didn't see the chemistry. I disagree with Nigel saying his personality was brought out and that there was great chemistry. What did you think?

Next was Ashley and Ade doing contemporary. I was anticipating this routine to be good. I love seeing new choreographers!
*Someone should choreograph a routine to the song in Eclipse during "you know what".
What talents do you think Ashley showed us she had with this routine? I think acting and being thrown. I don't think it showed her dance talent. I agree with Nigel when he said, "The steps didn't get in the way."

At this point in the evening I realized Dominic wasn't going to be on the show! Wahoo!

Then there were some solos. Billy put his leg up in the air and Jose spun on his head. Next!

*My favorite dance- Robert and Courtney, Jazz, LOVE! Sonya! Yes! I love that she wanted to show off Robert's talent. I think she did an amazing job doing it. So Great! Did you notice how the judges couldn't compliment Ashley and Adechike enough and barely complimented Robert?!

Melinda and Pasha did their Salsa. I thought it was going to be a disaster and then she said she was Colombian and salsaed her whole life! I got a little nervous until Pasha tried to pick her up. Those tap legs are too muscular for lifting still. I feel like she was playing up the audience and would almost forget Pasha was there. Most women wouldn't be thinking of anything but Pasha! I agree with what the judges said about the dance being awkward and that she was drowning.

*Best moment of the night- When Mia said it was a mistake to get rid of Christina! Then Adam agreed!!! Did your jaw drop to the floor like mine?

Then Kent did his solo. I thought to myself, "Now that is a solo!" His solo was PERFECTION! Every breath, every moment!

Next up was Alex's solo. He really surprised me with this solo. I think he at least deserved to be top 4.

Then they gave me some Lauren and Neil Broadway! Loved it!
*Another jaw dropping moment- When her dress broke and there was almost a nipple slip!
I agree with Nigel that I didn't always feel the chemistry. I just keep wanting Lauren that did her solo to "Let's get it on" to come back!

Where is she?

Billy and Catherine, Contemporary. All I thought was Catherine is amazing! I don't think the piece was all that Stacey Tookie wanted it to be. I think the concept of someone leaving someone is a little overdone and honestly you couldn't really tell what was going on when watching it. I agree with Nigel that Billy needs to figure out the acting part.

Robert's solo was GREAT!

Jose and Anya Samba. Anya is awesome and I guess Jose did good considering it isn't his style. It was great to see Dmitry! I agree with Nigel that Jose isn't the best dancer on the show. But I disagree that he has "it".

Kent and Allison Jazz! I thought it was good. I think the judges were too hard on him and his "hungry jazz face". I think he had it at points but there were other moments that were great! What do you think?

Alex and Twitch Hip Hop. I thought this was going to be a total disaster. When Alex started dancing I saw no trace of a ballet dancer on that stage! I thought Napoleon and Tabitha were going to play up his ballet side with the choreography but I'm so proud of them that they didn't and so proud of Alex that he was able to do the routine!

Nigel mentioned people don't like the format of having the all stars. I LOVE it! What do you guys think?


  1. I LOVE the fact that you do these posts because sometimes I miss the show so I can come over here and get all filled in. Thank you! :)

    I really think they should have let Melinda go last week too, but I can't believe that they actually said that letting Christina go was a mistake! Well...I mean I can because it's the truth, but omg I can't believe they actually said it!

    And I do love the new format. They bought back some of my favorite people and it's awesome to see them perform again!

  2. Keep doing these posts. They are not too late and I love to hear other peoples reactions to the show.

    I agree with you, I do not like Dominic either. He lives in my area and I have seen him out before, he is wayyy too cocky. eww!

    I never saw the solo of Laurens that you posted but I love it! For some reason it reminded me of Karington Payne.. loved her.. where is she now?? Im going to google it when Im done here.

    I hate how the waredrob people dress poor little Kent.. they gave him that "sexy" role but put him in an outfit that made him look about 5! And last week with that weird neck tie/ chest protector.. horrible.

    Loved Alex and Twitch.. loved that Alex was cleaner with everything but that Twitch made it look effortless.

    As soon as this crash course of summer school is over I will get back on my blogging but I love taking breaks and reading yours along with a few others. Thanks for the post!


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