Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holy sheboozus and donut holes


Sorry friends, had a busy weekend with friends in town and birthday parties. Here are my thoughts on the top 8 show:

Two performances! One with an All-Star they haven't danced with before and a fellow contestant! I love that!

Oh, Alex! No performance! I thought he would still be ok. Then they explained he could be automatically out, which makes sense. Of course, he started crying again!

Lauren&Pasha- Time to get sexy Lauren! Love Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Started off hot! Sexy outfit! GREAT! I think Lauren'ts back! I agreed with Nigel that she matured. At one point she was kind of leading. It is hard for contemporary dancers to not lead.
*My favorite dance of the night!

Jose&Lauren- Contemporary. Jose is sloppy. Loved the leg lift that they did! I was ready for Jose to go home at this point. Hubby thinks he looks like a chipmunk. I agree.

Ken&Comfort- hip hop. Oh geez. Can't Kent get a break! Before Cat or Nigel said anything, I said he looks like Justin Timberlake. Fox, I'm available for any job. How did he keep his hat on during flips? He grew up this week too! I loved the butt smack!

Adechike&Courtney- Jazz. Love that it is set at a bar during last call. Courtney's gold costume? Was that from the 80's? Adechike is still struggling with chemistry. I won't miss him if he goes home. The audience barely cheered for them. Disagree with Nigel that he was good. Agree with Mia that it was mediocre.

Billy&Allison- Allison left and Katie came! Love Katie! Broadway-love cats! I think Billy just danced it. No burglar character. Disagree with all the judges that this is the best Billy has danced.

Ashley&Dominic(ugh)-hip hop. What are those pants Ashley was wearing? I saw no ninjas fighting each other. I love Nappy Tabs but I think part of the problem was the choreography.

Robert&Kathryn- Poor Robert, he messed up the lift. I was worried Robert would go home this week. So glad he wasn't even in the bottom three!! I can't believe people think he is arrogant!

Adechike-Bollywood. Really good! So fast! I disagree that it let him down like Nigel said.

Lauren&Kent- Love that Travis choreographed this! Their technique was incredible! I agree with Nigel. The combination of all three was amazing! They are the ultimate male and female dancers!

Robert&Ashley- I wish Sonya choreographed a routine for them. I don't know why the producers gave them quickstep (aka kiss of death?!). The producers had to coordinate the routines this week for it all to work out. I really don't think it is fair to give Kent and Lauren a Travis Wall routine and then give Robert and Ashley quickstep. I have never seen a quickstep done correctly so it looked good to me but I was sure Nigel would hate it.
Billy&Jose- I like how Jose's hip hop and Billy's contemporary were incorporated into it. did not enjoy the awkward lifts or the bite. Agree with Nigel it wasn't powerful enough.

Too bad Alex was too badly injured to stay in the competition. I was surprised Billy and Ashley were in the bottom three. They need to step up their game! Do you think Alex will come back next year?

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  1. I LOVED the Travis routine, but am super depressed about Alex! I'd love to see him come back!

    I'm over Jose and Adechike and was very confused how neither were one of the bottom 2 last week. They aren't even challenging Jose with actual choreography and what they do give him he just sort of goes through the motions. They both seem like very nice guys, but if they stay into the Top 4 I definitely be upset.

  2. I'm so in love with this show! I hate to see Alex go though, I was rooting for him to win. I can almost guarantee he'll be back next year though... fingers crossed!