Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank Vienna for getting you a new twitter follower

Dear Jake,
You mentioned a few times last night that Vienna underminded you, I think America would have been a little more on your side if you had said that she is IMMATURE! I think you need to go running back to Tenley if she hasn’t found love on the Bachelor Pad which I’m assuming no one will.

I don’t buy Vienna's excuse that she wanted to beat you to the punch with the media. Her claims that your are a fame whore, to me, seem unrealistic. She was the one that had pictures of herself at a spring break party that, to me, don’t show the “I want to be out of the spotlight and settle down girl” she claims to be. I think you went to people magazine and did the interview on abc because you wanted to defend yourself and probably no you realize there is no point trying to discuss the break up.

She also said you were emotionally abusive and Chris asked her to explain and she said there were no emotions. Ok, that is not abuse stupid!

Then she was denying cheating and hooking up with that actor guy and you and I said at the same time, “He [Greg guy] was the one that came out and said it.” The whole break up in the media tabloid war started when the Greg guy said Vienna told him you were broken up and he believes her cause they made out.

Then she said she broke up with you twice and gave you the ring back. Sounds like an immature person I know. I am with you that it was just a game. So whether or not she broke up with you or not first, to me, doesn’t really matter. She says she broke up with you over the phone and her friend was sitting there. Your friend sitting there doesn’t mean she broke up with you first. Maybe you thought she was playing one of her little games or maybe you didn’t get the voicemail! It doesn’t change the fact that she was making out with some guy shortly afterwards, classy.

I hope that America doesn’t think you have anger issues. I really think anyone that is interrupted every time they speak is going to start raising their voice and throwing things.

I think Vienna was too immature (the being needy wanting you to kiss her and talk to her all the time). I don’t think you were compatible. Sounds like you figured it out pretty early on and you shut down and Vienna finally left, so thank goodness. I won’t call her rude for interrupting you every time you tried to speak.

There seemed to be a lot of petty things you were fighting over like where to put furniture and her stupid dog. Oh, Mama Kat reminded me that she was mad you didn't call her dad, let's take a poll people, please leave a comment if your husband calls your dad, mine doesn't. Like I said, Vienna acts like some immature people I know and they are in relationships. Vienna may find love again, but I feel bad for the poor sucker that saw her behavior last night and thinks she is someone they would want to date. I predict we will be seeing her in the Hollywood spotlight more. I also predict the company that hired her made have second thoughts after her behavior on the show last night.

Jake, I hope you are able to find love again!

Love your loyal fan from the start,


P.S. Jake, I didn't want to post the pictures of Vienna being a slore, but I hope you can lower your standards a little closer to hers and not disrespect me, I gotta do it, my people like pictures and especially slorey ones.

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pic from tmz.com


  1. OMG!! That picture!! Wow! They are both nuts.

  2. New follower here from mama kat. And Holy Moley!! That is quite the picture to see first thing in the morning! Yikes!

  3. Just wow! Those 2 both just need to get some real jobs, they both have issues and just need to get out of the spotlight.

  4. OMG. That picture! Well you are absolutely right that your readers love slorey pictures and that's about as bad as it can get while still being safe to look at in my office. :)

    She's awful. Just awful. I explained to my husband in the grocery store that you could tell which one was telling the truth based on the fact that he was on the People magazine cover right next to her cover of Star or OK or whatever other gossip rag her ugly mug was on.

  5. I actually had more sympathy towards Vienna. Don't get me wrong, she had her moments - her dog being hooked up to an i.v.? And the calling her dad thing. But Jake seems so phoney and she at least seems like she has genuine emotions.

  6. Whoa! That picture! Well, what did he expect with her being so young and so obviously not in the "married/kids/suburbs" state of mind. I've never liked Jake so I tend to believe bad stuff about him but as far as losing his temper? I almost lost my temper when she wouldn't let him get a sentence out. Hopefully they'll both fade away.
    Hey, thanks for coming by my blog and following. I'm stalking you now!

  7. I am totally on Team Jake also (although, I liked him more when he was on the bachelorette, he disappointed me on his season because he picked vienna..yuck!) I would LOVE it if him & Tenley got together, loved her!

  8. I never watched the show but she def. seems like a fame whore.